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  1. Long time forum lurker her. Any way long story short I dropped my HTC Incredible and the screen spiderwebed. The touch still works but I get glass in my fingure tips. Well my job say I need to have a phone on me so I went Verison and purchased a new Incredible outright. After words did some searching, I have ordered a replacement screen and a few tools to fix the broken phone. So the backup phone doesn't have any cell service but with wifi, blue tooth, gps, and another incredible for teathering I think the phone has plenty of potental other than a 500 dollar xbmc remote. Both phones are rooted, s-off, running SkyRaider 3.0 R2 Vanilla. The only thing is I need to keep it available to cell service just in case I have another misshap. One of the thoughts would be a ODB2 logger for my car.
  2. Might have to give this a try. I did have a 4gb flash drive partitioned to 4drives and was booting Knoppix, Helix, Trinity, backtrack2 and used grub as a bootloader. Could be a a new spin on my old flash drive
  3. Id say start a new. You probably still have the cd on hand. So plug your desktop into the modem, make sure to unplug the power to the modem for 30sec to a 1 min to reset modem. Rest the router using reset button on the router. Drop the cd in your computer and follow the instructions. Then set up you wireless security. Everything should work beautifully after this.
  4. FFE

    Grub + usb + linux

    some additional info. If I boot off the usb with my helix boot cd it will boot. now the question is what is it looking for. because aparently it can jump accross to the cd to get that info. I know I was booting from the usb because the grub menu that appeared was the one from the usb
  5. FFE

    Grub + usb + linux

    When doing an ls I can see what appears to be a the / directory of helix.
  6. FFE

    Grub + usb + linux

    nope the bios sees the usb stick a harddrive. So I have to set the thumb drive as the primary boot device on the bios. Thus the the Hd(0.*). I say * becuase the other 3 are booting the same way, just under different partitions and Helix is basically a forensics tool from the way it seems. But I'm currently looking foward to learning about it.
  7. Ok this is part of a collage class, and a personal project. First the background I'm taking a class on network security. The teacher asked us to make a couple bootable cd's that boot Knoppix, Backtrack2, TRK, and Helix. He then continued to issue a challange of a bootable USB Key. Got to thinken that it would be cool so I start with partitioning the USB key into 4 partitions all under fat 16. Started with Knoppix and grub, then moved to Backtrack2, then TRK, Lastly Helix. The good news is I have Knoppix, Backtrack2, and TRK booting wonderfully. Now on to Helix. The Helix Iso is can boot off the cd, but when I try to boot on the USB drive it starts then I get this error "can not find helix file system!" Then drops into a shell with almost no functionality. Now I have searched google with little findings. And what I have found doesn't work. I have a feeling that I just need the right grub command to get it to boot properly. Now Helix cd uses grub to boot so I decided to use the parameters given by the cd to see if it would work. My guess is my parameters are wrong on the command line, this would explain why it getting a decent way into the boot then stopping /////Original command title GUI kernel (cd)/boot/vmlinuz ramdisk_size=100000 init=/etc/init lang=us apm=power-off nomce unionfs quiet initrd (cd)/boot/miniroot.gz ////// What I changed it to title Helix GUI root hd(0,3) kernel /boot/vmlinuz ramdisk_size=100000 init=/etc/init lang=us apm=power-off nomce unionfs quiet initrd /boot/miniroot.gz Any Ideas on how to take care of this.
  8. if you want to get rid of the U3 all together you can download an uninstaller from sandisc. If you want to return it to stock you can download a U3 installer from sandisk to return it to stock
  9. http://forums.hak5.org/index.php/topic,913.0.html
  10. If you have a computer not being used currently you could set up a Linux distro with a SSH server running. Then he could use a ssh client that supports file transfer on windows, or sshfs if on a linux box
  11. how long have you had the product in the first place. If you just got it I would contact ebay and report the seller. Also how did you pay. If through paypal just file claim that the product isn't as described and just say it is pirated material. I would say don't even try to install.
  12. FFE

    OS X

    you can start with the patched disk and use the partitioning material on the install to partition the disk.
  13. first off, one mac needs to be running ssh server, the receiving computer . why are you trying on port 80 if I remember right ssh runs on port 21
  14. FFE

    OS X

    Episode 2 around 23 min mark Warning this is an older way to install, back during osx was in version 10.4.1, I'm currently on 10.4.6. Now days with the patches that are available you can install natively from a cd. I also recommend partition magic or similar program if you wish to do a multi boot
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