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    OS X

    is this on season 1 or 2 cos ive looked on S2 and cant c it ill have to DL S1 if its on there?
  2. GibMonkey

    OS X

    hi all, this is my first post so plz b genital :P ok ive got a amd 3500 single core(939 socket), on a asus a8n-sli, 3gb of kingston ram, 4 hard drives 2 sata, and 2 ide, and last but not least a benq dvdrw. Thats my system atm im running XP SP2, now ive heard that its possible to run OS-X on a pc. Ive googled it and found a few sites but nothing really helpful, more negative than positive, i was just hoping for a bit of inspiration or mabe someone tell to leave it well alone its not worth it. Thanks GibMonkey
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