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I Need To Learn How To Hack


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I really hope you are kidding.

But if you are not kidding, then PM me with what you know and we will talk pricing for tutoring you.

You should open your own online school and provide tutorials for a fixed price.

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I would advise starting with the basics, such as core programming principles (C, Assembly). There are many books available, but I find you can't go wrong with the O'Reilly series. Once you have a good understanding of computer software, then move to an area of computer security that interests you, such as Network protocols, drivers / kernel security (Ring 0), Web Services etc. There are numerous CompSec and Pentesting communities dotted around the internet with information you can use to further yourself.

Then just learn, learn, learn !!!

It's not easy, but if you are serious, you can achieve your goal.

PS: I hope it goes without saying that this advice is based on the understanding that you are learning to 'Hack' in the traditional sense, not for malicious purposes.

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C programming would be a nice language to learn, as for scripting Python would would be the ideal. But first learn one language, get an understanding of how it works and then move onto the next one.

Also if you are damn serious about security, there are courses you can undertake.





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Well, in my view, functional programming seems to be where everything's headed. So to get a head start, I've begun learning Haskell, for a more useful language to start with that will teach you great habits I'd go with Lisp. It's a fantastic language, IMO. Two books to check out are Learn You a Haskell for Great Good, and Land of Lisp.

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I would agree with several comments. Learn Linux (from the command line, gui's don't count ;) ) and while your at it since you are keen to learn programming, start learning something you can use immediately, as in how to write shell scripts. Highly useful, and you can use the concepts you learn (loops, variables, functions, etc) to apply to higher level languages. And while your at it, learn some vi, always handy for whipping out quick stuff without digging through some menu for a gui text editor. Infosec and hacking is a discipline that crosses networking, os, application, system, physical, etc so you pretty much have to have good knowledge across the whole gamut.

There are no shortcuts, just lots of keystrokes and experiences between you and your goal.



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when you are starting out it almost doesn't really matter what language you learn. they are just about all going to teach you the same basics so make sure you learn and understand object oriented programming, linear programming, then variables, arrays, loops, hashes, logic operators and comparisons. that is really enough to keep you busy for a bit. understand the fundamentals and theory of program structure and you can pretty much relate that to any language you want. there will always be another flavor of the year language to learn but they all are foundationed with the same stuff. the rest is what is the best tool for the job

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