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  1. Does anyone know a good replacement for the carrying case? I haven't really found a good one yet, and the ones I found are to small or night the right size.
  2. @Darren Kitchen by any chance would you guys be selling just the carrying case for the pineapple and battery? I lost mine a couple weeks back and need to find a replacement. Please let me know when you have a moment. Thanks,
  3. From what I'm reading after you updated the firmware it never came up right? Did you ever see it in your wifi network? I know when I did my update the only way I knew it was done was to check my wifi networks around me. What you could do is try to reload the firmware once again and letting it load . Trying doing this but download the firmware first . The most current one is 2.0.2 Unplug the WiFi Pineapple completely from all power sources. Begin holding the RESET button on the device. With the RESET button held, power on the device. Continue holding the RESET button for 10 seconds, then release. NANO: The blue LED will remain solid From the host PC, configure a static IP address on the WiFi Pineapple facing Ethernet interface to with netmask From the host PC, browse to Click Choose File and select the factory firmware image downloaded above. Click Update Firmware. This process will take several minutes. Do not interrupt the power supply while the firmware is updating. Once complete, the WiFi Pineapple will restart. Reset the the WiFi Pineapple facing USB Ethernet interface back to DHCP or with netmask
  4. had the same issue ... Now it's working perfect on boot up.
  5. How are you connecting to the device? Are you using the usb connections connected to the wifi pine apple, and pc ? Need more info so I could help you.
  6. @Sebkinne thank you very much for you help on figuring out the issue with the blinking light. It works perfect now once I power it down and connect it again... Thanks again, and sorry about creating a problem with the blinking light request. Now it's time to learn what this bad boy could do since i"m a newbie....
  7. Thank you for this.. I thought I had screw up my nano by turning it into a brick!... I will have to get me a microSD ...
  8. Do all Nano come with a microSD? I just checked mine and it doesn't have anything in it..
  9. @tlmarxist Here's the trick i found out how to flash it back to 1.1.3. Hold down the reset button while you plug it in. Wait about 15 sec then release. Go into your network setting and find the pineapple adapter. Once you find it assign an ip address .. Say okay 3 times, now go to chrome and type in . you should see the firmware update page. At that point load the 1.1.3 version. that will take you back to normal for now. It should boot up fine . Well i put together a video of the issue i'm having after upgrading to 2.0.1. The non stop blinking light once I disconnect it and connect it back. Like I said before don't know if this is a hardware issue or firmware that's causing mine not to boot up and non stop blinking light.
  10. I kind of figure is it was some issue or something.. But the main big issue I'm having is once I unplug the device after configuring it . I plug it back in and it goes into blinking mode were it won't stop. I have a video i made of how buggy it is.
  11. okay after playing around with it. Going from a non working nano. I loaded 1.1.3 version back. set everything up once again then from the internal interface I loaded the 2.0.1 version. Looks like i was able to boot into that firmware. Here's the issue I'm having now. I installed the Dwall program. when I go to try to run the program it does not start at all. I click on 4/5/6 even 7 times and it wont. I did notice that if I click on it fast it starts for 1/2 a second then turns off. The other thing i'm having issue is that when I change the time zone for some reason it goes back to it's default settings. Now my question is could it be my wiFi pineapple hardware that i'm having issue with or the firmware. Today is the 2nd day I turn this sucker on. I made a video of it just in case anyone wants to see the issue.
  12. Well for me I'm going to load the 1.13 back and wait a couple days and see if anyone is having the same issue. I forgot to mention I did notice that every time I changed my time zone and save it . it would go back to the default setting. I then tried to run the Dwall module and it would not start at all. HOpefully it's not my pineapple acting up since I just got it. UGH!
  13. I think something is buggy with the firmware now. After down grading to the 1.13 version I was able to log in. Once everything was setup I did the upgrade from the interface. Everything was working good until i shut it down. Now that I i plug the nano to the battery it's back to flashing fast. I don't see it in my wifi network at all. It's late now.. will have to deal with this tomorrow.
  14. Well after installing 1.1.3 back i was able to bring mine back to life. If you want to upgrade to the new version will you have to add your mac address to the filter to allow? Sorry I'm a noob to the pineapple. I had one years ago but it got stolen that I really never got into really configuring it.
  15. thank you ... I will ask question there...
  16. Hello all, I think i just F my nano don't know how. After watching Darren video on how to upgrade the firmware everything seem to be working. I got to the screen where you input your password for the wpa and your log in page. It took the password and reset it self. I disconnected the device and place it on the battery tried to connect to it using the wifi and it would not accept my password I assign. Tried so many times that I gave up and said let me reset it and try again. Once I help the reset button for about 6 sec i seen the blue light turn off then it looked like it was restarting. Well i was wrong because it keep blinking fast and has not stopped. I looked around the forum. I found this thread that darren had replied back about how to reset the nano using the firmware page. I followed those steps and installed the firmware again. It restarted but it's still blinking away not stoping. Please help me if anyone has had this happen to them. Thanks,
  17. Well after receiving the device I tried to change the tx-power to 30 using the BO and still doesn't work. I tried BZ and VE it did change it but I was not able to pick up any AP sites. Guess it doesn't work or I'm doing something wrong...
  18. If the employee was on vpn there should be some kind of log fine when he/she connected to the corp network. That should be able to help you to determine if they used the vpn or not.
  19. oh okay then I guess I will get one right now... Thanks for the feedback.
  20. Good Afternoon, I was wondering if someone might be able to help me out. I tried searching for the answer before but couldn't get what i was looking for. I'm in the process of purchasing the ALFA USB WIFI AWUS036NEH from the shop. What I'm trying to find out is would this device be able to change the tx-power from 20db to 30dbm? Thanks in advance.
  21. I found my issue after looking around some more. Someone had the same problem, i guess I had a very old version of the firmware. I was about to scp the file and extract .. it's rebooting now so we will see if that fix the issue. Here's the link to the thread and site .
  22. Hello all, Well I tried to search before posting but I need someone help. One of my co-works bought a pineapple mark V. Since he's a tech and always buying gadgets he forgot about this one. He didn't want it so he gave it to me. I was very excited to play with it. Everything was still in the bad like brand NEW... after reading the instruction on how to connect it and upgrade the software I'm running into some trouble. Since I'm on a mac i can't connect the ethernet cable to the pineapple. I turn on the device and connected it using the wifi. I setup the password and was able to get into the interface. I then this video on how to setup it up from Darrel . Tutorial: Unboxing and Upgrading WiFi Pineapple Mark V - Pineapple University I was able to join my network just find. I have the red,blue, and green light on. I'm even using my wifi right now while typing this through the pineapple. When I tried to do a firmware update I keep getting "Error connecting. Please check your WiFi Pineapple's internet connection." how's that possible since I'm using the wifi from it. I tried everything and still nothing is working on updating it. Am i doing something wrong or do i need to change something since it's a older model? Any kind of help would be awesome! Thank you,
  23. Well I just got mine this week and plan to play around with it. I also have a mac without any ethernet card slot. I was planning to connect to it wifi. The only thing i'm confuse about is once I configure the pineapple how do I get it online? I really don't want to connect it to my network at home, would I have to buy a wifi adapter and connect that way? I'm really interested in trying it this way. that way at work i just join the the office public network and let the pineapple sit there and see who connects to it. That way the clients still have internet access. Is that something that might work? i'm just doing this for education purpose only not for anything evil..
  24. thank for sharing...I like the FPV video explaing how they work. I wish I was able to boost the yagi antena i bought from hak5 to work better around trees or around houses.. I do get some ap but would like to get more at a longer distant.
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