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  1. Very fair idea. Lets get poll going who would play
  2. I got a server ready to go. Just let me know
  3. If anybody needs a server to host anything just let me know i have fast internet and a 2u hp proliant g6 12 gigs of ram . I really dont want anything for it but if you get any dontations a little would not hurt for electricity . But other than that let me know. right now it is not doing much. I dont want money just like to help out
  4. Oooh by the way i have a 2 u server to use. Plenty of power
  5. I will host the server for you. I have plent of speed internet to run minecraft and i can do it for free because i would like to help out
  6. I do have to say i could have fallen into being "spoon fed" . But to be honest that is not why i bought the pineapple. I bought it to lean something new. As i have asked some questions lately that seem basic. I have researched for 5 days for at least 5 hours a night. Leaning something new is what i like to do. I built combat robots for fun and for police departments on my spare time but i am getting bored at the moment. I figured i would get into controlling my robots with wifi. It seamed like a challenge for me. As i am finding out a great challenge. Searching through post after post is how i came upon the wifi pineapple. So thank you for all your help. :D
  7. I am using backtrack 5 r1 at the moment. I was able to use the script to connect to to the pineapple when i am connected to the eth0 but when i connect to wifi i am no longer able to get into the pineapple. I know this is very basic i am just lost. I am more into the internal electronics than the coding. But i bought a pineapple 4 so i could learn something new. It is very hard to surf through post about different topics. I can also ssh into the pineapple when i am connected of course. I tried to use tcpdump but it said ip4 not set or something like that. If anybody would like to help it would be great. I would be glad to help on electronic questions so i can give back to the community. I forgot to say i was able to share internet when i was tethering in windows 7 . I would like to learn how to use linux am trying to learn something new as i said. Mostly what i am trying to do is connect pineapple to laptop and laptop to internet. I want to run tcpdump on my usb and have it log my activities that my android phone is doing. After that i will move onto something else.
  8. This is my version of a nice set up. As soon as i get time i will upload more pictures if anybody is interested. ON BOARD = 7.5 amp battery, 100 watt power inverter, Padded spots for computer and wifi pineapple, and a power hookup for wifi pineapple. And all this fits in a nice briefcase. If anyone else has any other good ideas let me know.
  9. A real good power option for the pineapple would be a ups battery. Werker makes a great battery 7.5 amps. If interested Just ask.
  10. For my set up i am working on a briefcase with an WeRKER battery . The battery is a 7.5 amp hour. These batteries are used for ups and only cost about 18 dollars. That would be plenty of power for the pineapple. In my set up i have a power converter so i can charge my laptop and cell phone. The nice part about these batteries they can be mounted in any position. I will post pictures as soon as i am done. I have like 10 batteries. If you had a way for me to ship it to you on the cheap i would be glad to give one to you.
  11. I Would suggest like all the others a nice directional antenna . If you must i make 2.4 boostes for rc applications. I could not see why this set up would not work.
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