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  1. from my time with openwrt it comes down to this: if you are using a powered hub and something that is going to draw a decent amount of power you will want to power that hub from a reliable usb power source such as a name brand usb charger and not some china knock off. if there is "sag" or too much noise in the power source the device will have issues. I have had great results using sandisk cruzer fit drives plugged directly into the pineapple as well as other openwrt devices. I think the majority of "usb issues" here are from people expecting plug and play operability. these are openwrt devices so just learn up on openwrt and understand how your device is working as well as how it mounts drives and handles devices, instead of just blindly guessing and hoping someone on the forums guesses your setup and issue exactly right. openwrt has a huge community and is fairly similar to your run of the mill linux distro.
  2. so i have lost a number of wireless "nano receivers" for wireless mice. models are microsoft wireless mobile mouse 3500 logitech m305... has anyone had any luck hacking/modding these to change communication? id imagine there are only a finite number of channels for these guys to work on and unless it is burned into a rom somewhere it should be tweakable.... i just want to find a use for these guys other than christmas tree ornaments...
  3. http://downloads.openwrt.org/snapshots/trunk/ is back up and running that is all
  4. i know a number of people here use huawei hardware and whatnot. what is your take on this? http://www.brisbanetimes.com.au/business/world-business/us-congress-rules-huawei-a-security-threat-20121008-278h9.html "A draft of a report by the House Intelligence Committee said Huawei and another Chinese telecom, ZTE, "cannot be trusted" to be free of influence from Beijing and could be used to undermine US security. "Based on available classified and unclassified information, Huawei and ZTE cannot be trusted to be free of foreign state influence and thus pose a security threat to the United States and to our systems," the draft document said. Huawei was the subject of an intense political debate in Australia this year after it was barred, on security grounds, from participating in the national broadband network. Read more: http://www.brisbanetimes.com.au/business/world-business/us-congress-rules-huawei-a-security-threat-20121008-278h9.html#ixzz28ivYQkdQ"
  5. when you are starting out it almost doesn't really matter what language you learn. they are just about all going to teach you the same basics so make sure you learn and understand object oriented programming, linear programming, then variables, arrays, loops, hashes, logic operators and comparisons. that is really enough to keep you busy for a bit. understand the fundamentals and theory of program structure and you can pretty much relate that to any language you want. there will always be another flavor of the year language to learn but they all are foundationed with the same stuff. the rest is what is the best tool for the job
  6. ...look into you iptables for nat forwarding and make sure that you are clear on which ip address you are changing as your wlan should still be 192.... and your lan/eth0 is the 172... also the gateway on the lan should be pointed to 192.... and then double check that you have the dhcp server turned off on the bridge but turned on via pineapple .... or i am just wrong and someone else can help you, failure is always an option, bu ti do hav ea similar setup and i spent a lot of time wrestling around with it only to find out my iptables weren't setup right.
  7. i think the only time i used the webui of that router was the first time i plugged it in and immediately flashed it to openwrt, not really interested in flashing it back as i know openwrt has the capability to do it and maybe i just might learn something along the way. good work with the wire up though
  8. what kind of scripts are you running or how are you handling ?? ". configure bandwidth so it would trickle . configure the firewall not to allow streaming media"
  9. i have a MBA and i must say wired is an epic pain in the ass, i have tried usb/and thunderbolt adapters on both virtualbox and parallels even got ahold of a virtual HD of backtrack specifically setup and configured for the mac in parallels. the most reliable setup i have come up with is using a secondary tplink mr3020 router flashed to openwrt to act as a backpack for the pineapple using the wired connection between the two routers and the 3020 as a network bridge to whatever wifi connection that is configured.. pineapple handles the dhcp on the lan and then the 3020 gets an external wan ip /internet
  10. i have the 3020 and a 703n the 3020 is doing full time duty backpacked onto my pineapple as a wifi network bridge, but im tooling around with the 703n. does anyone know how i could integrate the alfa-N wifi drivers into the openwrt on the 703n??
  11. so i was having issues with power consumption and an alfa N backpack.... i thought to myself if i jsut want a fully wireless rig why not connect in my minipwner mr3020(w/32gb flash card) so via openwrt i have a basic network bridge setup to pass the internet onto the pineapple and it is all wonderfully wireless since my macbook air even with parellells and backtrack were as temperamental as a drunken gorilla. not totally an insane rig/wire up but i thought i would share because the minipwner has some serious extra tools if you want to offset some processing or storage from the pineapple. if anyone is interested i can go into further detail on this setup. www.minipwner.com
  12. ok, so using your earlier config i was able to connect to my wpa network and keep everything running. i had an earlier post about a creative wiring solution to have a portable jasager /alfa backpack: the key to this setup is a Y usb cable for the alfa the miniusb port into the alfa the main data into the usb hub and then the secondary power into the 1a port on my battery pack the pineapple gets connected to the 2a port and then the hub is plugged into the pineapple usb. i can run the 4gb sandisk cruzer and the alfa under load for an extended period of time (2 hours now) this seems to get around the heavy draw that the alfa puts on the pineapple/hub port
  13. ok so i jsut got my NHA today and spent a whole 15 minutes with it but this is what i have: i am able to use a USB hub power the nha AND a 4gb sandisk fit drive. i have a new trent battery pack with 2 usb power ports one of them 2a and the other 1a both at 5v i plug the pineapple into the 2a and then i use a Y usb cable plugging the main into the usb on the pineapple and then the aux into the 1a of the power pack. it seems that everything powers up i get my usb disk running as both swap and extra storage and i am able to bring up the secondary wifi card..... i have not tested this setup under any kind of load or with packages running but it seems like it is a win in this configuration, just thought id share my "success" for all. usb hub belkin fsu-404 (4 port) new trent IMP-99d battery pack sandisk cruzer fit 4gb generic "Y" usb cable 2 male type ?a? to one male mini
  14. indeed: "OS: elementary Luna, dev builds (Ubuntu 12.04 just transformed with a few different packages)" well, time for some more coffee this morning
  15. i have the same setup you do and mac is very temperamental with ICS: first thing go over this post in the forums, http://forums.hak5.org/index.php?showtopic=25889 the long and the short is you will have to set your usb adapter to as mac only run ics over that exact ip address - next plug the ethernet cable from the usb dongle into lan/POE port on the pineapple, then you will have to set the lan/poe on the pineapple to ip:(vi /etc/config/network)192.168.2.X (anything except 1) subnet mask of and a gateway of since it is treating your laptop lan as the gateway. once all this is setup you might have to power cycle the pineapple and then disable/enable ICS on the mac, sometimes you have the cycle ICS a couple times - dont ask me why it is just mac's annoyances. do not run the shell scripts for auto setup as they are written for linux and eventhough mac has bash it doesn't mater, ics ONLY works on if i am wrong on any of this info please correct me but this is what i have found with my setup.
  16. is it possible to do the usb swap space trick from the pineapple on this router? just format the usb drive properly and then tweak fstab?? would that give us the increase in available storage that we need to really take advantage of this? or am i misunderstanding the purpose of that tweak. http://forums.hak5.org/index.php?showtopic=25882&st=0&p=198228entry198228
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