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What do you do with your new pc first


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The first thing you should do is to reinstall the thing on YOUR terms. These days companies tent to brand the PCs they sell, so their website becomes the default startup page in IE, that sort of nonsense.

God knows what other crap they decided to provide you with. Just reinstall the thing (you should've gotten the CDs for it along with it) and make the machine do YOUR bidding.

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firefox, zonealarm, avg, remove windows messenger, messenger live, office, windows update.... still doing windows update lol, it's taken most of the day :)

still do to... office update, visio, ftp, java, octaga... whatever else i think of... browsers, extensions....

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personally for me the first thing that my new computer gets is a BIG HUG. after that i agree with armadaender.

Remove: All third-party bullcrap, useless programs and anything else that I don't need.

Install: Zonealarm, ad-aware, firefox, ccleaner, utorrent, etc.

then i install mandriva linux beside it

then i hook an extra monitor to it... even if it doesnt work... MoWhoWaHA HA HA

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