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Me neither... Swordfish is one of the only movies I own on DVD, I keep trying to give it to people but they don't want it...

I didn't like that movie but it was a great way to completely waste a while :)

Cooper has a point though, those vests were cool ;)

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Movies I can view (and have viewed) a million times and still love:

- Battle Royale

Government dumps a class of teenagers (played by actual teenagers. The main girl celebrated her 15th birthday on set) on an island and tell them they have 3 days to kill the rest of the class. If after 3 days more than 1 kid remains, they'll all die. Japanese movie (Hollywood would *NEVER* make a movie like this) so prepare yourself for subtitles.

- Hackers

Come on. That movie rules. It's so bad it's good.

- Aliens (preferably the Special Edition)

When you want to see simple, mindless action, look no further.

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You don't like boobies? I don't really find her attractive either but, c'mon, boobies! lol...

Of course I am kidding...

First of all, they're called breasts, not boobies. We're no longer in 3rd grade. :roll:

And yes, I like breasts. :D

I don't know about you but I am STILL in third grade... :roll:


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Nice list. 2 movies I had forgot. The arrival with Charlie Sheehan looking just like Gordon Freeman. :)

Catch me if you can. Hacking the banking system and a true story.

and on the rewatchable movies. Jaws ftw

I found this site by following a couple of links in that hackermovies list: http://mike.passwall.com/uselesstrivia.html ... it lists some very cool movies, one of which I have been looking for for a loooooong time! Woot!!

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