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  1. Holly s**t unbelievable !!!! Great job !!! Let us know how it works
  2. I used 2 alfa usb wifi (nha & h) but i can't change the ssid name it always said "OpenWrt" even i reboot the device. But the 1st usb adapter ssid name can be change. How can i change the 2nd one ? Please advice
  3. recently, i do opkg update & opkg install --dest usb reaver via ssh. but when i install the reaver module v.0.4 it said reaver "Not Installed". and nothing happen when i tried to click the install button, it always give me reaver "Not Installed" should i must symlink it ? any suggestions ?
  4. Thanks petertfm Tcpdump issue has been solved, but in wireshark window it doesn't capture anything
  5. i still have no luck with this :( :( :( :( :( :( it's really strange it said, 'ash: tcpdump: not found'
  6. i still have no luck :( :( :( :( :( with remote capturing. I already read all the wiki and google it.
  7. Afaik, dump to usb mean offline capture right ? Is it possible to do live traffic capture ?
  8. i'm Wondering is it possible to do remote capture from pineapple using wireshark remotely ?
  9. Is it possible using wifi booster on the pineapple like this one ? http://bit.ly/OjdUVw
  10. Just flash new firmware 2.6.4, when i go to about page at pineapple control center it still show 2.6.3 is it normal ? I already check with md5 sum and it's the correct sum, i already flash couple of times also via web based and ssh console.please advice
  11. is it possible to do "tango mode" with MK3 + MK4 ? if yes, what kind of configurations to make it happen.
  12. is it ok if i used isound 16000 mah battery pack ? for powering up pineapple + usb hub + alfa NHA ? since i can power 5 device at the same time.please advice
  13. If i want to upgrade with the latest firmware do i need re-download all the modules again into my thumbdrive ? Since the dev team Making our pineapple better and better it's a bit inconvenience if i must re-download all the modules but if this the only way it's ok with me :):):):) :)
  14. WM, i just installed the latest sslstrip module from pineapple bar to usb, but it seems the page freeze at "installing SSLstrip....." progress. i already wait almost 2 hours but the page still freeze, is it ok to refresh the page? If i open it in a new tab it stated sslstrip already installed. I used fw : 2.6.1 mk4 Please help thanks
  15. Can't wait to see your pina-hackada Post'em here :) :)
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