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  1. Deauth Host: 00:11:22:33:44:55 Deauth Target: 38:ca:da:9c:52:c7 Deauth Times: 5 Executing: aireplay-ng -0 5 -a 00:11:22:33:44:55 -c 28:cf:da:9c:58:c0 --ignore-negative-one mon0 00:06:33 Waiting for beacon frame (BSSID: 00:11:22:33:44:55) on channel 1 00:06:43 No such BSSID available. Please specify an ESSID (-e). huh ? this is my first time running deauth from the pineapple ui... giving me issues .. do i need to reconfigure the script for it ?
  2. i noticed your trying to capture passwords.. where are you trying to capture from ? if the site is SSL secured, you need to ip/port forward and make sure you have SSL strip running
  3. all i did was mv /bin/sh to /home/ , ran wp3, then moved the /home/sh back to /bin but removing all the #!/bin/sh and whatever commented line out of there does the trick too. just use strait commands and dont tell it to pick a shell
  4. im looking at the url snarf and ngrep status on the front page edit: ok, it's clearing everything out now. i had it up for a while, went to reboot the router and all the data was still there. i unplugged it then plugged it back in and it seemed to clear out all the logs. still it seems like a bit of an inconvenience how i have to go through and clear my iptables and unplug the thing before it'll clear my old ngrep and url snarf logs
  5. yah both of you are right. i was looking into it after i posted that question and i can just run my sniffers and sslstrip or whatever mitm directly from my computer. i like how you dont need to have any of the tools on the pineapple itself. im already at ip level acccess on the network so i can just dive right in. dude, im havin lots of fun with this thing, you guys are awesome lol
  6. is there something special i have to do to clear the cache ? i've got live logs of old sessions and i clear cache but everything i logged is still in my new session... edit: by the way im lovin the new 1.9 update. everything is working EXCELLENT ! VERY good work guys! edit: ngrep works fine. just uncomment the lines eg.,(#ngrep commands | should be ngrep commands)
  7. im having the same issue, can you elaborate on this for me ? how exactly did you fix this error in the script ? nevermind.. fixed it
  8. i wonder if they could incorporate sslstrip into the jasager interface. ngrep doesn't capture secured pages
  9. what i've noticed with my tests with the pineapple and my local client is that when my encrypted AP isn't around, the pineapple accepts any probe request and my client automatically wants to connect to it unsecured. is it just me or is that a common windows issue. however, in most cases, when you go to a target filled area, they are mostly connected to an open network, like at mcdonalds or starbucks they will automatically connect to you cause it's all open. they dont give a shit. most people are idiots though so like when they are connected to their secured AP and you deauth em, their system wants to connect to your pineapple, they will answer yes when it asks to connect to unsecured network.
  10. i've been looking into karmetasploit tutorials but i can't seem to find anything that runs through the pineapple. mostly these guys talk about setting up a soft AP on backtrack with another alpha card. so if i was to rickroll these clients through a client side attack with metasploit i would have to have metasploit on the pineapple itself or would i just be able to run it from my system ? wouldn't i be on the same ip range as my pineapple ? since my eth0 is on my computer. also one other thing, when im sniffing traffic, just have wireshark listen on eth0 ?
  11. so i got some clients connected to my pineapple. i wanna fire metasploit on the connected clients, how is this possible from backtrack ?
  12. awesome,, loving the new updates ! my pineapple is in excellent working condition now. from what i've noticed, i can run metasploit and all my sniffing tools, and spoofing apps directly from blackbuntu ! very cool. i ran a arp mitm and a dhcp mitm against my clients and tested sslstrip against some protected sites. works like a charm. metasploit working perfectly as well. tested against my clients, (xp pro). catching a shell everytime
  13. i seem to be having some bullshit ICS issues with windows.. i dont know shit about how to share the internet with my router from my wifi. i hit the advanced tab and did " share " but it doesn't work. only works in linux when i do it. and "clear cache" seems to only add to the file an echo of '' and it's not saving the file. and one last thing about karma: Successful association of 00:07:ab:7f:f5:bc Checking SSID for start of association, pass through ................................ Successful association of 00:11:22:33:44:55 Checking SSID for start of association, pass through ................................ Successful association of 00:11:22:33:44:55 this kinda sucks, i thought that airmon shows karma the SSID's and karma mimic's them ?
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