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  1. I thought this was a good read. Attached the ebook too. Enjoy... http://en.wikipedia....Robert_Cialdini http://www.amazon.co...i/dp/0688128165 https://dl.dropbox.com/u/18742874/Influence%20%287Summits%29.pdf
  2. Definitely interested in using fwknop. It just looked like a bitch to implement correctly. Would definitely use it if there was a tutorial. Cheers..
  3. From creators of fwknop: "> After weeks of reading about port knocking, security and its > implications I went on a hunt to find the best tool for implementing > 'secure' port knocking. I came across your website and tool, fwknop at > http://www.cipherdyne.org/fwknop/. From what I have read I think it's > the best possible tool. Obviously you're biased, but perhaps there's > other options you've grown fond of as well? I would say that the most interesting competing implementation is Moxie Marlinspike's "knockknock". However, fwknop makes several design decisions tha
  4. I'm trying to "hide" the fact that SSH + deluge are running when port scanned. I think my options are I can firewall the server, open SSH port and keep it visible, and get to the deluge by going to localhost:8112 after a ssh -D $someport. Or, I can use knockknock and hide SSH and Deluge but need to keep 1outbound+1inbound tcp port open for deluge xfers (or use knockknock-proxy). - Server(s) running Ubuntu 10.10 --> 12.04 - knockknock --> http://www.thoughtcr...are/knockknock/ - SSH - deluge-torrent.org/ 1. Has anyone on the forums attempted to setup port knocking with knockknock bef
  5. Hi Jason, Interesting reply. Thanks. I have a couple of questions from your post: - I have the TOR browser bundle installed - Am I correct in assuming that TOR (browser bundle) listens on local port 9050 for exactly these types of proxy situations without the need to configure/modify the TOR browser bundle? What we're doing is telling SSH to route its traffic to local port 9050, where TOR is listening, then forward traffic through TOR 80 HTTP or 443 HTTPS - Is it then possible for me to run other applications, like 'Chicken of the VNC' through TOR as well? Do you know how this would be don
  6. Hi All, Scenario/Background: I'm on a boat. We use VSAT + two year old Cisco router. Router has been locked down. The only ports open are 80 (http), 443 (https), 25 (mail), 3389 (RDP). When travelling I used to be able to use OpenVPN (udp), PPTP VPN (tcp), or a socksified (-D) SSH connection to tunnel my traffic. That's no longer the case. I borked my VPS server trying to get around the above stated issue. It's left me in a bit of a pickle. I can use TOR to get to my VPS's CPANEL (control panel). I have to use a service like TOR, because the CPANEL is on a non-standard web port (5454). I
  7. that's what aireplay does with the aircrack-ng suite of tools. the only way to crack WPA2 is to capture the handshake after a deauth and bruteforce it.... just use reaver now :)
  8. Problem with a "roll your own", is many people aren't competent enough to setup a server properly. Especially to disable all logs + enable encryption + keep box secure by configuring everything correctly. If there was a server ISO that I could install which was pre-configured to be a riseup.net functionality clone but hosted by myself, and all I would need to do is forward the correct domain info, I would be doing that in a heartbeat.... FYI, Moxie M, endorses the guys and the riseup.net project. I regard his comments and recommendations highly. I wish riseup.net would move their colo from N
  9. I look at it from a different perspective. I don't want companies crawling my content to advertise to me, or creating a profile about my behaviour. I also don't want my e-mail provider to know where I log in from, or have a record of that. I get lazy and don't always TOR / VPN / SSH -D / etc, so I like services like riseup.net who don't keep records. They also strip header info. People in our circles should use adium / pidgin and stick to OTR.
  10. I can issue enough invites to get people accounts at riseup.net; if interested pm me...
  11. Good Evenin'... Caveat: I realize that this practice may be "un-safe" because you won't have a record for auditing your server incase of a breach However, I have a few reasons for why I'd like to do this. An example of an e-mail/VPN provider who currently offers these (potential) advantages (riseup.net) For setting up Debian (Ubuntu) based VPS server's can anyone provide expertise on how to anonymize SSH, or how to 'do-not-track' who comes and goes on the server, from which ever services may be logging this type of information (SSH, logrotate, etc). ex) no log files, no ip logging, etc ex)
  12. For the real noobies you could add the LAN's DHCP address showing the ICS to adress as well
  13. Thanks for the response, much appreciated. That script IS bad ass. Now on to the next puzzle : /
  14. IT WORKED! I let the script run for an hour and that seemed to do the trick. I guess I was just impatient. So strange though, because I couldn't see the hard-drive seeking or doing much of anything. UNREAL!
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