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  1. Holly s**t unbelievable !!!! Great job !!! Let us know how it works
  2. I used 2 alfa usb wifi (nha & h) but i can't change the ssid name it always said "OpenWrt" even i reboot the device. But the 1st usb adapter ssid name can be change. How can i change the 2nd one ? Please advice
  3. recently, i do opkg update & opkg install --dest usb reaver via ssh. but when i install the reaver module v.0.4 it said reaver "Not Installed". and nothing happen when i tried to click the install button, it always give me reaver "Not Installed" should i must symlink it ? any suggestions ?
  4. Thanks petertfm Tcpdump issue has been solved, but in wireshark window it doesn't capture anything
  5. i still have no luck with this :( :( :( :( :( :( it's really strange it said, 'ash: tcpdump: not found'
  6. i still have no luck :( :( :( :( :( with remote capturing. I already read all the wiki and google it.
  7. Afaik, dump to usb mean offline capture right ? Is it possible to do live traffic capture ?
  8. i'm Wondering is it possible to do remote capture from pineapple using wireshark remotely ?
  9. Is it possible using wifi booster on the pineapple like this one ? http://bit.ly/OjdUVw
  10. Just flash new firmware 2.6.4, when i go to about page at pineapple control center it still show 2.6.3 is it normal ? I already check with md5 sum and it's the correct sum, i already flash couple of times also via web based and ssh console.please advice
  11. is it possible to do "tango mode" with MK3 + MK4 ? if yes, what kind of configurations to make it happen.
  12. is it ok if i used isound 16000 mah battery pack ? for powering up pineapple + usb hub + alfa NHA ? since i can power 5 device at the same time.please advice
  13. If i want to upgrade with the latest firmware do i need re-download all the modules again into my thumbdrive ? Since the dev team Making our pineapple better and better it's a bit inconvenience if i must re-download all the modules but if this the only way it's ok with me :):):):) :)
  14. WM, i just installed the latest sslstrip module from pineapple bar to usb, but it seems the page freeze at "installing SSLstrip....." progress. i already wait almost 2 hours but the page still freeze, is it ok to refresh the page? If i open it in a new tab it stated sslstrip already installed. I used fw : 2.6.1 mk4 Please help thanks
  15. Can't wait to see your pina-hackada Post'em here :) :)
  16. Hi, What kind of dc cable to powered USB hub ? Can you share the link where you purchase it ?
  17. Finally 2.0.0 landed.... just wondering, how does SSLstrip work ? is it autostart when device turn on ? or is there any configuration to make it work ?
  18. Hoooorrraaayy,.....Thank you WM for your effort
  19. just another masterpiece from WM... Great work...!!!
  20. aarrrrghh i'm not notice it. seb already release the new firmware. Thank youuu WM,once again great work
  21. Hi WM, nice work !!!!!! is there any link to the newest version (v1.3.2) ? because at the first post it seems (v1.0b)
  22. hi kevambert, yes, the vid and pid is 19d2:fff1 still no luck, i still can't get my 3g dongle to work with MK4
  23. Hi Guys, I need some help with my MK4 + 3g modem (ZTE AC2726), here's the configuration file # ----------------------------------------------------------- # Configure /etc/ppp/options with hard-coded working settings # ----------------------------------------------------------- echo " logfile /dev/null noaccomp nopcomp nocrtscts lock maxfail 0" > /etc/ppp/options # -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- # Check for known usb modem vendor and product IDs then switch 'em from storage to serial modem mode # -----------------
  24. Hi... i want to purchase a 3G modem (ZTE MF622) is it supported with MK4 ? I just want to make sure i don't buy the wrong 3g modem ? here's the specification : *Auto installation, no CDROM required.(The software is in modem memory) * HSDPA/UMTS 2100MHz GSM/GPRS/EDGE 900/1800/1900MHz * Support Speed 7.2Mbps. * Internal Antenna + Additonal external antenna possible * Slimmest and Smallest: Dimensions: 86 x 44.3 x 10 mm * Stylish and modern design, Weight: 40 grams Only * Less hot, not as huawei E220 very hot after long use. THanks
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