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Counter-Strike 1.6 ???


Do you Play Counter-Strike 1.6  

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I don't play games (no time), so both 'the best game around' (whatever that may be) and CS 1.6 have never graced my harddisk as far as I can tell.

See? Being a grammar nazi can be fun at times. 8)

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Steam dosn't even do 75% of it's jobs properly.

25% of it's job is to deliver content, it dose that fine.

25% of it's job is to make sure the content is deliverd accuratly, it dosn't do this properly. It dosn't even check the hash of the files it downloads to make sure they are uncorrupted, it just asumes they are (very bad idea).

The other 50% of it's job is to preven content priacy, it fails this hands down. If you go on to the pirate bay, there are cracked versions of all the single player games for steam and they work fine (if any thing else, they work better, becasue you don't have to run steam to play them).

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