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Windows 1.01!


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yelp :(

how do i get vmware viewer to play this ?

and how do i put this on a floppy or if possible make it bootable from usb stick ?

You can either use something like WinImage to write it to a floppy to try on a real machine or you can use it as a disk image in VMWare... just select the disk image as your floppy drive. :)

Wow, havn't seen 1.01 in the longest time, brings back many memories. Very well done moonlit.

My pleasure :)

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this site might interest a few people. An interesting thing to note on this site is the Microsoft Windows 1983 pre-Version 1.0 demo, which kind of says they had a GUI OS out before 1984. But with that said Xeroxhad a GUI OS out in 1981bigstar.jpg and apple had there first GUI OS out in 1983, the same time as microsoft.

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