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omg my swell keyboard :O


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I decided I wanted a clicky keyboard for my own Evilserver, so I went around the garage and hunted for an old keyboard, and found a 1989 KT Technology keyboard (with AT/XT switch and everything!). Anyway, I figured i'd give it a lick of paint (nothing off-the-hook like Wess did) and I must say it's looking rather dandy. Thinking of painting all the grey (and white function) keys black.

What think you???


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Yeah, those keys need some work too.

Biggest hurdle is that when you do this, you'll probably want to put the letters back on again aswell. So I would say, buy one of those cheap alphabet sticker sheets. Paint the gray buttons white first, and the other buttons black first. Put on the stickers, apply another code of paint in the desired color, and then, using an exacto knife or something _carefully_ remove the stickers.

It'll be a BITCH to do, but you'll end up with a WAY cooler keyboard that still anybody will be capable to use. Added bonus: chances are the letters won't fade on this one after extended use.

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Transfers might work if i sprayed the keys with polyurethane after sticking them on, but as cooper said, it's pretty darn likely that they'd come off.

As for stenciling them...i could do that, but i'd find some way of screwing it up. As the keyboard is at the moment, i think it looks pretty cool...the colours kind of work together. Still kind of set on the idea of painting the grey keys black though, just for a bit of contrast :)

Cheers for the suggestions though. If I do anything awesome, I'll be sure to post more pictures :D

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If you add a clear coat after applying the transfers it shouldn't be a problem.

Now that might not even be such a bad idea. Plus a clear coat would really bring out the color on that yellow too.

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