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Linux - Laptop Or Desktop


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Hey there all!

so i am running linux, i am a fan of open source and am getting into programming. so linux is a good route. i am not huge huge into gaming, (it would be fun) other than some star wars games i would like to be able to play. so i am not really in need of windows. so a OSOS (open source OS) is what i will run.

the main reason i was going to have a desktop was for gaming i was going to do in windows. (again, not a neccesity.) i was going to build a rig myself with some really good hardware.

but i like the mobility of a laptop.

so i was thinking, and it would be cool to build my own computer still, and i think that the desktop hardware is more compatible with Open Source. im not 100% on that or anything, but that seems to be what i have found. especiallywith wireless cards open source can be killer. so i think most all hardware would be compatible with a desktop i built.


i if i do not need killer benchmarks with my hardware (in ex. gaming) than i cant see much of a point with running a desktop where i can select all my parts and easily upgrade. and i dont need amazing performance so most laptops would work. so a laptop would seem fine, but again, not much choice in hardware that is compatible or not, also i dont want to suffer from no sound/wifi. but mobility would be amazing since i would be doing programming, to do that anywhere would be nice.

the other thing i dont want to do is pay for windows and then blast it. blasting it i dont have a problem with, but i dont want to pay for it if thats all im going to do. and then a possibility of it not working properly.

so im kind of in a delema because i dont know that i want to be confined to the laptops with linux pre installed either.

so do i stick with a desktop i can build, and upgrade, and have more compatibility with but be confined to one place, or do i go with a laptop and possibly hit bumps with drivers not interfacing and rebuying a new laptop when mine is outdated and paying of a OS that i wont use, but be able to have mobility?


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the choice is up to you. it really dosnt matter. i think the main issue would be is how long you plan on being on the machine. cause im on my desktop 24/7. i wouldnt recommend leaving a laptop running that long. you should build your self a nice desktop, but dont skimp on the FX cause running compiz adds lots of sexy to linux. an you will need a decent FX card for that to run smoothly. then you should just get a cheap netbook if you want portability.

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imho desktop first, laptop is something you can add later on as a secondary computer. Maybe do a budget desktop build to leave money left over for a netbook to use when you absolutely need to be mobile. Personally I would go nuts trying to use a laptop as my only PC.

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its not about power or cooling ... its all about reliability and ease of service :D pcs are easy to fix laptops are not

although i suspect u can get better specs in towers / rack units ;) than a laptop

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If you do a lot of travelling by air or road, a laptop will definitely serve you well.

If not, build a desktop computer its a lot more fun and a lot more powerful than a laptop.

You should invest your money, into something that gives you a better return.

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Only crusty old geeks like us have desktops these days, and that's because we want more power, more flexibility and tend to stick in one place when geeking out. The argument for a laptop is always "Do you want to use it in a place other than your study?", if the answer is yes, buy one.

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