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Never heard of this game before, I think I will try to play it and have some fun with it.

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Remember to back up regularly. If you get caught, it's game over and it kills the save so you can't just reload the last save, from what I remember (it was to make it more of a challenge but it meant it got annoying). Never finished it as I'd get so far and end up getting caught. Even though I'd cleaned logs and traces. And because I hadn't backed up, I had to start over so ended up just shelving it.

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Yeah i played it a few times...i liked it :)

Also give Hacker Evolution a go : http://www.exosyphen.com/page_hacker-evolution.html

Its kinda similar but hey

And have a looksee at this one too : http://www.streethacker.com/

Been involved with Introversion for years myself, beta tested most of their games.

Hacker Evolution and Street Hacker started on the Introversion forums and got pretty much called blatent rip offs, and not very good ones according to a few computer magazines. Still I played them a bit, they aren't bad, but don't have the same feel.

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