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  1. Is it possable to install a captive portal software on the fon+ and would I find a guide
  2. chunky


    anyone been playing the game Uplink
  3. as any downloaded it yet?
  4. I'm working on it need to know people want in a distro
  5. it's very basic at the moment
  6. Hakbuntu User friendly Backtrack style distro Hakbuntu
  7. sounds interesting having the fon act as aircrack-ng server with airserv-ng think i well have to install weaponry my fon
  8. hmm I think you need to add -nodeps that should make it work
  9. been thinking how jasager well be tend to any access point which is great but would be better if could something like profiles where you could set it only to claim thats it lets say a router at starbucks or McDonald instead of peoples home network as lots of people visit these places would make hard for noobs to detect it
  10. was playing with the fon+ last night it seems you can use the gargoyle interface as well with jasager I think still have to install all the files but gives you a few more options for configuring the fon+
  11. just do what the british goverment do Leave it on the bus :D
  12. you can't just use any old usb cable it's got to be a usb to serial cable
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