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  1. I found Paprika to be a pretty good movie with a semi-similar storyline to Brainstorm.
  2. I'm not sure it would run, and even if it did it would be entirely unplayable as to render the whole exercise useless.
  3. Doc Forrest


    Love playing Uplink; was full of joy when I could actually buy it on steam.
  4. Yeah, Norton can be pretty annoying in those cases.
  5. Something that I've encountered when trying to make my multipass is the version of PEtoUSB that I've used. The one listed in the show notes ( didn't work with my 8Gb Lexar (and I don't think it'll work with anything over 4Gb, but ymmv as always), so I did a google search and found the next version ( that will work with the 8Gb+ keys. This newer version also doesn't have the FormatEx error message.
  6. Bought a couple of 8Gb Lexar sticks for AU$26 each; haven't had problems with them so far. That being said, I recommend against using the really cheap ones because you don't know what brand of chip is being used as the memory storage. If you have the money, go for one of the Corsair GT units.
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