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More Xbox Mods plz


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There should be more xbox mods on the show it is the perfect thing to mod, $150 US a box, homebrew can be easily enabled without any hardware and case mods are awasome, since leds are so easy to hook up, there are tons of 5 volt connections spread around, their is even a 3.3 volt standby connection.

Just to show how cool it can look here's mine: (which isn't that good)

top in light:


top in dark:




Close-up on jewel:



- Case painted red/white combo

- case cutaway and plexi glass window over dvd drive

- dvd drive lid cut to allow the disc to be seen in drive (no disc in pics)

- center xbox jewel removed and cleared

- hole under jewel cut to allow see through

- "spike head" symbol painted in top right

- dvd lid painted white with red N for Nobin

- Center jewel lit with 4 x 3000 mcd red leds and 4 x 800 mcd wide array leds

- orange 200 mcd hard drive activity light wired in top-right of front panel

- each contoller port wired with a 3mm red led mounted over the port and comes on only when conroller is plugged in

- black xbox controller dongle wired with red led then dremeled out top and filled with hot glue

- front led ring changed from all green to red/green combo

keep up the good work!

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i dont no a lot about Xboxs but i would like to say that looks like a awsome mod really proffesional and welcome to the forums.

I think a segment on somthing like this is a pretty cool idea and i would like to see a lot more modding

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I put bigger harddrive’s and mod chips in my Xbox’s and run Gentoo or XBMC on them but I see little point in making them look different if it doesn’t add to it’s functionality, I use X3 Control Panel’s on my Xbox’s but that’s as much as I get into modding the out side of it.


(Not Mine)

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