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Noob question


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6. hacker

Someone who shows little regard to mathematics, science, formulated reasoning or careful approach when developing computer software.

"The software was written by a hacker and consequently, needs to be patched all the time".

Random Much?

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Depends on how much you know about all the stuff that is going on. If you understand everything, and are just too lazy to code something yourself then you are just a lazy hacker. If you have no idea what is going on, and only know that at somepoing you are going to hit upon an exploit then you are a script kiddie.

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I'm going to go against most of you and say that you can't tell if someone is a hacker by what programs they use.

Just because they use sub7 doesn't mean they are a noob. sub7 may be the best tool for the job. I've said before, do you know of a hacker that doesn't use a tool like Nmap, Metasploit, Ettercap, etc.?? Just because they use someone else's program doesn't make them a noob, it may just mean that someone else already did the hard work and why should they replicate code?

As degoba said, it really depends on how much you understand. A hacker is someone who understands why and how things happen. If you use sub7 "because it works" then you are a noob. If you know how sub7 works then you may be a hacker.


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So my question is even though we keep calling people who play with systems "hackers" should they really be referd to as "crackers" as the original definition of a "hacker" I've read originally defined only "hacking" code and not actually breaking into computer systems?

Or have I got it arse about?

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