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If you want to see just how secure apple products are, check out this news report:


23 MacBook Pros, 14 iPhones, and 9 iPods

To be fair, this has nothing to do with the security of Apple products. That could have been any computer store with any brand electronics. You smash a plate glass window with a rock and grab all that stuff in 31 seconds, it won't matter what brand it was. It could have been 23 HP laptops, 14 blackberrys, and 9 Zunes.

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Yeah could have been any store and what was the security guard going to do anyway when it was 5v1.

Also those iphones can just be locked/bricked remotely? friend has app that he track them and locked them remotely from website sure apple have a similar thing

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The iPhones were a bad steal, and I'm pretty sure those iPods can be locked out of iTunes to some extent. However the laptops are a good steal, if they are smart and take them out of town to sell they can get away with this.

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The Apple store near me has all the iphone and ipod locked down. Don't know why this one didn't, not sure if the Macs are locked down.

I'm pretty sure they have the serial number of every laptop stolen. These serial numbers will then go into gsx as stolen computers. Hope the morons that took them never take them to an authorized service center to get worked on.

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