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Movies on High Res Hand-Helds?


High Res Hand-Helds? or TV?  

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  1. 1. Which do you prefer to watch videos on?

    • High Resolution Hand-Held [like an Ipod or PSP]
    • Computer
    • HD TV
    • Standard TV

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I ask because some people argue videos are better on a high res hand-held than on TV.

That may be true, but it really depends on people's eye sight.

Younger people may have no problem with tiny high-res screens like 20-30cm away from their face, but most adults will get a headache.

[it is also bad for the eyes]

You can see more on a high-res hand-held than on standard TV, but for people prone to headaches watching up close, it is actually easier for them to watch from far away [what TVs are for].

What is your opinions on this?

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"like an ipod or psp"

Everyone alway's forgets the poor little Dell (HTC) Axim x51v

640x480 isn't so bad. Easy to view on plane, train, bus or subway.

That's because they don't make them anymore....

iPod touch for the plane, hd tv for at home, occasionally I'll watch some hulu on my 21" screen in my computer room.

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