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  1. Hello all, I was wondering if there was a way to make the BIOS interpret the USB Key as a USB CD/DVD-ROM drive, as I know that on a few of the computers I have poked around on have USB devices blocked from booting, but not USB external drives. I know there is U3, but as far as I know, that does not work for BIOS and only spoofs it for Windows itself. Thank you in advance.
  2. Just a question: How is score calculated? Because from those stats I can see they are not based on the number of units folded, so what are they based on?
  3. Really and Linux distro is secure, just make sure that it is fully updated, and make sure that you follow secure practices while configuring the system. Are you worried about remote or local attacks, because from what I can tell, you are more concerned about local, in which case I would put a BIOS password on (really only a speed bump), and use a different password for the system and the encrypted drive, and make sure that the passwords are secure.
  4. What you might be able to do (and this is purely speculation) is splice the USB cable into two different cables and plug both of them into the two computers and script it so that it backs up at whatever time, then removes it from the devices list and when its time to backup, add it back. This is purely speculation as I stated above, but who knows, it may work.
  5. Well my friend, what you want to do would be hacking MySpace, and I doubt it would be easy even if you tried. Unless the people who made MySpace are complete morons, the act of viewing a private profile is not handled by the client (you), but the server.
  6. Although you could use that to be a bit tricky by using the IP of a controlled machine then forwarding all traffic back to your IP, it would be the same as a proxy, but might be harder to detect.
  7. Wouldn't that be a moot point then? It wouldn't really be a connection, unless you were sending over an exploit maybe, then thats when I could see it being useful, but wouldn't a download require a two-way connection as well?
  8. I was wondering what your guys' perspective was on the best way to conceal your IP/identity. I'm talking about how in the movies you see the internet connection bouncing off many different points before finally connecting to the victim/attacker (depending on if it is from an attacker or victims point of view). I know there are programs (such as Tor) that do this already, but I am wondering about the effectiveness of this tactic. So here are my questions: 1. Can a person who is investigating an attack figure out who connected to the proxy machine without access to the machine logs, and if so how? 2. Does adding to the amount of proxy machines increase the probability of not being caught significantly if access to the logs are not available? 3. Are there ways to mask/spoof your external IP without the use of proxies? ~ArkNinja
  9. When you ACTUALLY think about it, doesn't water cooling seem like a horrible idea?
  10. I'm pretty sure it said on the site it was 6k, although I may be mistaken.
  11. Now, if only if I had the cash for one of those...
  12. ArkNinja

    CSS fatal error

    Did you activate the CD key on the account? Did you do it on a different account then switch?
  13. Im up in Canada, so the prices are a bit more, which sucks, I think I did pretty good here though. What do you guys think? Edit: Im using a different PSU than the one in the picture, added the wrong one to my cart.
  14. Yeah, its a great idea, I will attend, I hope to see some good content.
  15. Oh, and what would you guys recommend for a PSU in a computer, because I seriously have no idea what I would need. Should I look at all of the parts and figure out what they need power wise and then add it up, or is there a certain wattage where I would pretty much be safe?
  16. I was wondering what all of you're opinions were on what the best low-budget computer would be. I would prefer to do it myself (its cheaper that way isn't it?), but I want it to be not low-low end parts. I do not prefer AMD to Intel (or visa-versa), and am just looking for the bare essentials (RAM, PSU, CPU, Motherboard and Case should do it). I was looking at doing one of the AMD quad-cores for my CPU and one of the lower end motherboards (I don't need that many features for my mobo), and it priced out to about $400-$500. My price range is very, very low (I am a high school student with no job, so yeah...) so I would prefer anything under $600 would be acceptable. I know this isn't much room to work with, but I want to see if you guys can get a better system for lower than I could, or even a comparable system for lower. Thanks in advance, ArkNinja
  17. From what i've seen the choice for 'better processor' seems to go between AMD and Intel, taking into account price, quality and speed. I personally would go for upgradable as a major point. I'n a few years could I put in a better processor without changing out the mobo, or needing new memory. Now, every computer will get to a point where upgrading is no longer feasable, but I like to make sure my boxes last as long as they can and still stay competative.
  18. Good advice, im just curious about this, but typically how many goons are at DefCons (and other cons for that matter)?
  19. Did you get the S/PDIF working on the other XBox or did it die out before you could even get that far?
  20. They're saying its un-hackable because it has BIOS level security and a built in RFID chip. Flashing the BIOS and taking out the RFID would solve those problems.
  21. I use GNOME, never really liked KDE, never knew why, I just don't like the way the programs function.
  22. Netbooks are also becoming very popular, and there are only a few major ones, so if you go with one of the major brands I cannot foresee you having problems running and installing Linux. The Acer Aspire One's are quite well supported, I am not sure about the other ones however. Before you commit to a netbook I would recommend to search for the netbook model on the wiki of your preferred distribution to see what support is on the wiki, as that could end up being an invaluable resource.
  23. I would love to go the 2010 DEFCON, but I'm not sure if I can, I hope I can.
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