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Odd Video Issue


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A while back I had a copy of Hackers 2 (operation take down) on my computer

I had a bad virus on the thing and ended up wiping the thing and downgrading to xp

Now I've noticed any time I download any video if I try to play the video (with vlc) before its finished downloading it plays a scene from hackers 2....

I've also noticed on an unrelated video that had not completed downloading it would play the revision3 startup and then go on to parts of hackers 2 or hak5. - Even more interesting is that I've never had a video on my computer with the revision3 startup... Although I do watch revision3 I've never downloaded a rev3 video

This solves itself once the video has completed downloading, what I don't get is how videos that are nolonger on my computer (because it was formatted) are being played before downloads are complete. It doesn't make any sense to me.

Any ideas?

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Doesn't make sense to me either, but you should probably know that there's no such thing as Hackers 2, it's a standalone movie which has no connection whatsoever to the original Hackers movie, someone just mislabelled it on a filesharing service and the whole world seemed to believe it.

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I had a feeling

I noticed that anti-trust was labeled hackers 3 and I know for a fact that's not right

So is the movie just called operation take down?

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Run filemon against VLC loading a video and see what files it refers to.

It only happens when downloading a video and playing that uncompleted video as it downloads.....

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  • 7 months later...

Just figured I'd post it happened again.

I reformatted my pc 5 times (installation issues don't ask)

I dual booted xp/ubuntu, within xp i have a video downloading, I'm impatient and decide to see how much of the video I can watch with vlc with only 30% completed.

And what do you know, I see part of an episode of futurama on there! for about 5 sec then it closes.

The video was on the previous installation in a different directory with a different name then the file being downloaded.

Again once download is complete it stops doing that

--> filemon is nolonger avail for download

Just figured I'd say it still happens... It's just really odd. I mean its show files that shouldn't exists in different directories with different names.

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What if you play the video with a different player does it still do the same thing?

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Does this only do it when watching partial torrents? Sounds like the formats are just marking the disk space avilable for use, but not overwritten yet and you are seeing old deleted files. What kind of format are you using? Quick Format wont destroy data entirely until the space is actually used.

Try http://www.handyrecovery.com/ and see if you can recover the episode of futurama. Wouldn't be surprised if the files you formatted over are still there in some pieces and the partial torrent is writing to areas of the episode but not entirely overwritten the file since its probably fragmented on the disk in various places.

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