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  1. I copied the same files to my computer and formatted the 2GB card as FAT32 then copied them back and its working just find now. Having some difficulties now with plugging it into my home network and getting to the log in page so im trying to configure it without a cat5 connection and I am trying to use client mode on the network settings but I am trying to get the infusions list to add stuff on here. so far no luck with that. blue light comes on then goes off then back on again but its not blinking
  2. I copied the files from the 2GB SD card I got with the pineapple to a 4GB SD card I already had. I formatted it FAT32 and the pineapples 2GB SD card was FAT. Would that make a difference? Because now I got a blue light solid then amber solid then all the lights solid and now its blinking blue with solid green and after that its doing the pattern of the 3 colors so it looks like its working now. I just dont see why I can copy the same files to a different card without going to wifipineapples.com and getting another copy. So that makes me think FAT vs FAT32 probably was the problem.
  3. Yeah thats whats confusing me is that blinking amber light I know it means its searching for upgraded files but is it searching online or the SD card or both? And shouldn't it time out about a set amount of time?
  4. All my dip switches came in the up position to but as for the lights its just green and amber those two are the only lights i get. Is it possible I got a bad upgrade file? or a dead sd reader on the Mark V?
  5. I took my SD card and checked it with my computer I have 2 files on it one is upgrade.bin and the other is MD5 with the following listed inside of it when I open it in notepad. d9ca989ac9fa2855fbd38dcafee9c195
  6. I dont even get the blue blinking light that says its even booting or even a blue solid light. Just solid green and blinking amber and thats how how ive had it for the past half hour. I dont see the red solid light and I dont see the red blue amber pattern
  7. Yes I read the card and the instruction before powering up the device.
  8. Ok here is the update. I have tried every combination possible on the dip switches and nothing is working. Just like before I get a solid green light then the blinking amber light. I didnt wait 5 minutes I waited for 15 thinking maybe it needs more time. I tried connecting it to my home network and directly to my laptop with the cat5 cord and I cant get to the log in page. The wireless does show up and I can connect but I still cant get to the log in screen. trying it without the 1471 port extension at the end gets me a date in 1970. I am officially stumped, I thought this would work out of th
  9. Just got my Mark V Wifi Pineapple today and I did the instructions. You know insert the SD card, plug it in and wait five minutes. Well five minutes turned into ten. Reading the instructions and messing with the dip switches, all i get is the solid green light then the blinking amber light and thats it. Either its something with these dip switches im not getting or I just bricked the unbrickable pineapple in record time. I am currently looking into the SD card for possible corruption but if anyone has any ideas or similar experiences PLEASE enlighten us all.
  10. I got a pineapple months ago and I believe I bricked it. I pressed the reset button on the bottom of it, which I believe started the whole thing. Anyway I got a serial to usb adapter from the Hak Shop and started debricking it. I ran into a problem when I pressed enter after using the command "bootm 0x9f650000" It started rebooting again and again. I left it alone for a minute then just decided to connnect the serial adapter back up to it about ten minutes later just to watch what it was doing. I dont know what happened but it stopped and I could finish debricking it. I got the latest version
  11. I just debricked my Mark 4 Pineapple and it was because it just kept rebooting repeatedly but that started after I tried the reset button under it. Anyway I did the debricking with the serial usb thing from the hak shop and as long as its got the serial to usb devices hooked up and connected to my computer the pineapple is fine the second i disconnect it its back to rebooting. I messed with the pins and found it only does it when I disconnect the ground pin. Any idea's as to why this is or how to get it to stop without grounding itself to probably the negative line.
  12. Should we post new idea's about what could be added to the pineapple mark 4 here? because I already have a few ideas of my own.
  13. I have done all the research i can to figure out what ive done wrong. I have two flash drive the one I upgraded to grub2 the second was just a straight shot to grub2 and I created a grub.cfg file and placed some entrees in it. it boots up to the grub screen showing the 2 listings I put in which was an iso of windows xp pro and kon boot. neither work at the moment but I did notice something about certain commands like mem that are not installed when grub is. even tho i have tried that but still nothing is booting up.
  14. here is a second bittorrent link just in case someone doesn't have a demonoid account or something http://thepiratebay.org/torrent/5715958/Hak5_Icons
  15. I am in the process of redoing my Multipass and editing some ISO files to suit my needs, that said I have some old icon files I made a while back for the Hak5 Linux distro. Its just a few of Hak5, Command N, Tekzilla, and Twit. Anyway here is the link for those that wish to download it. http://www.demonoid.com/files/details/2325628/8445672/ Enjoy
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