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Painting a mouse scroll wheel...


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Alright, I was watching some old episodes of Hak5, and I think it was episode 2 that Wess did a session on painting an old IBM keyboard.

Well I was looking around and I found a nice old keyboard and matching mouse and was like...hmmm I have time I wanna paint this. There is only one problem, the mouse scroll wheel is orange... my color scheme is black and blue (creative I know) but the orange really throws it off.

I was wondering if anyone out there knew if there is a way to paint a scroll wheel. I did some searching and it appears the major consensus is that even if the paint sticks it will wear off pretty quickly.

Anyone know how to remedy this or am I just going to have to deal with an orange scroll wheel?

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Onec you have painted it you could (some how) coat it in a glue of some nature that dries transparent. Getting that even and so it still fits will be pretty tough I can imagine.

Ignoring the painting aspect, to get the coating of what ever translucent coating you wish to apply even will probably (depending on the consistency of the substance) involve completely covering it in the substance, then rotating it slowly on all 3 axis for the time it takes the surface of the substance to set. The rotating should prevent 'drooping' of the substance, depending on it's consistency.

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I would just take the scroll out of the mouse. Put something besides paint that is the color you want. I was thinking maybe some kind of tape and put it back in. Paint would wear off to fast for it to be worth it.



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