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  1. i just spent about an hour on a very old computer trying to make the bios pw go away. even pulled the bios chip out out since the battery was soldered on. had to try every jumper, it was como bo pulling one putting it back then pull another out.
  2. well it is a site called hak5 and it is about hacks and mods so it was kinda asking for it but, that sucks
  3. battle net on starcraft seems to throw a fit under wine for me but, hey it is emulation.
  4. i saw a how to on this once. to bad i don't remember where it's at.
  5. 185w isn't that huge for battery yes but nit huge the latest cutting edge Pc with quad sli would max out at 1200 watts dc side that means it would be sucking out even more from the wall. It's eithr cool or insane. looks like they make 200 watt batterys too http://parts.digikey.com/1/parts/1384-batt...hr50-12-b2.html
  6. true, look for an aftermarket battery
  7. the portable xbox 360 has been done i think AVGN might have link to it so maybe seeing the one already done might help yo figure some stuff out.
  8. make some standoff and mount them in the dvd case assuming it is flat, also get your dremel.
  9. i've only sen sdhc up to 16 gb i was shopping for my pda didn't find a 32gb sdhc. any place ican get a 32gb?
  10. shit i have like 7 of them to update plus grandparents aren't computer smart..... guess i'll just lay in bed and maybe not care. oh btw the way i see it win dominates for gaming and biggest library of apps/games macs are great for net and all around use other than gaming with exception to what is in it's game library linux is very versatile and secure but also has limited game library both nix and make have win emulators
  11. not at all was ranting about not being able to read default.ini or something couldn't fix it so i took it off cause i didn't feel like mess'n. The last time i played it fine however i had problems with it using the normal short cut. I did how ever get it to run for a little bit at maximum setting it would lag for a half a second every so often other than that probably almost 30 ore more fps max gfx. i'll try putting it back on and see how that goes for my amusement plus sometimes i play multi and could use it for lan.
  12. so is 69 nitric stronger than 90?
  13. potent stuff thanks i was just curious you should get an old pentium one and take it apart and show some pic of it under the scope.
  14. how hard is it to get nitric acid and how expensive?
  15. you could downgrade to the version the used in the hak5 wiki. or look for newer hacks
  16. Since when is there an xbox36 emulator for the pc we won't see that for years.
  17. So you use chemicals and an ultrasonic vibrator to disassemble the chips? can explain ho you remove the silicon casing?
  18. looks like it has good ventilation but, i think i'll keep my x-cruiser can't get get of enough of them analog gauges.
  19. So you think you could build me a Pentium 1 replacement that runs 1ghz? ^_^ j/k any chance you could use the print screen function or is it some some simple diagram machine?
  20. I read the article and then had hunch and bought the parts i id it for fun really and i use it some too i have a little over 7 PC's that i'v acquired for free and then build them fixed em up etc plus when i my brother visits some time we play LAN. thanks for the props. My futue plans are to see if it can actually run more than 512 mb system ram.
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