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de-modulation hack-need help on board layout


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this is it when having a user to ground termenal then to a satillite connection threw rf frequencies. many individuals like the gop use a method called a modulation which was first called frequency hopping untill they wrote up a certain pattern to follow of frequencies. one of the best modulation was made was CDMA by Qualcomm it encodes data with a special code associated with each channel this allows more people to trasmit and reccive data which saves monney in return. (about ten years ago the FCC sold all high frequices to the highest bidder, if co. can stay in desnated frequency this will help them so they dont have to buy many differnt channels) and with this sheme it can allow many people to transmit and reccive without overlaping. and later used in gps systems but co. dont want to pay fees to use this method and stress to create there own. this patterns are extremly complex and take months even when using a sopiscated demodulator to crack but the out come leaps to looking at NSA satellite relay footage of spying on certain indivduals or contries. but there is also a heavy encyption on this as well. the reason this takes so ong is because of frequceycan now days can hop over decimals of a hertz. i have been tempted to try this but need some help in designn in a demodulator sohiscated enough to pick up decimals of hertz if there is anyone who knows much about this field please reply.

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Is it strange that I know what you’re talking about, you want help designing a demodulator (a circuit used to recover information from the carrier wave of a signal.) that can pick up decimals of hertz.

I could help you but I’m not sure if that would be a good idea from reading you above post. I know people have used digital Sky TV boxes and a large dish to receive unencrypted feeds from the global hawk UAV, but you are asking for trouble if you fuck around with the NSA and CIA satellites.

If you designed your prototype in Multisim, send me what you have done so far and I will have a look as it won’t take me long to put something together if I like the project, but I have no interest in any hand drawings or sketches as I don’t want the bother of transferring the drawing to my computer.

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global hawk, good project i know a coulpe of people who worked on the transponders ( when a signal is sent to a ground termanl iit is amped in signal strength(hertz) resulting in the cell tower and satellite transpond instead of transmit)and revivers.

no its just a fun project but still an idea, but there is a very active base near me and i wanted to see what the goal of there satellite. but i dont have 80 grand to throw back on a pre-made demodulator so i have to make my own

but the good thing is i think no one has every tryed somthing like this and the NSA or CIA wont be expecting this type of attack.

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every nite at around 12.05 pm there is, i think a stealth plane is tested every nite i do not know why but, i am aastronomer and this allows me to keep track of certain satiilates in low orbit but most of those are cell phone co. the other proplem is i need to find the foot-print of were the signal is being transmited the nsa & cia try to keep the area small like 10 mile radius and it will be hard to have a car with an antenna on it for 40 days straight but all things considered i still want to screw the gop.

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I'm not familar with this type of technology nor the science behind it but metatron you mentioned people using Sky Tv boxes with the assistance of a large dish, enabling them to recieve unencrypted feeds. I'm curious if an old Hughes DSS box would be capable of the same thing. However, I'm probably getting far ahead of myself because I don't even know how those people configured the boxes nor how they even went about doing it but it does sound like an interesting project at that.

What I'm asking is if you know of any sites that provide information on the subject and/or how other people have done such things. I'll be sure to hunt this on google as well. Thank-you.

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not yet but after i crack there modulation pattern gop will want to kill me.

in thoery you can pick up tv networks that are sent via satailites

depends on size of modulation tenchiuqe which can be

around 50 differnt freuqices deppends on how many users, how many satailites most have around 10 in low orbit you need at least 3 for geostationary(means any place in the world you can pick up this signal the problem is physical things like mountains and buildings which block signal)

find the modulation and your in

here is almost everything about modulation

first the difference between milltary projects and commerical projecdts is BUDGET millitary have no budget commerical do. so when asked about a commerical project on encrytion they say we dont have the monney in the budget. most monney is spent shoting the satiliates in low orbit. the higher you go in orbit the more monney it will cost and more monney to buy high frequecies channels. the first reason modulation was inveted by qualcomm was each satiliates has about 4 dozen transponders & 4 dozen recivers co. wanted to tightly pack as many people transmiting and reciving as they can so qualcomm said if every person hopped channels which the pattern that has been already inbedded this will allow many hundread thousands to do this proscess and at the same timeon one satilite. it creates diffculty to pick up the signal so co. loved this idea and has been prefected ever since so there is diffculty but hardly any people have ever tryed this which means co. wont see it coming.

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I'm not familar with this type of technology nor the science behind it but metatron you mentioned people using Sky Tv boxes with the assistance of a large dish, enabling them to recieve unencrypted feeds. I'm curious if an old Hughes DSS box would be capable of the same thing. However, I'm probably getting far ahead of myself because I don't even know how those people configured the boxes nor how they even went about doing it but it does sound like an interesting project at that.

What I'm asking is if you know of any sites that provide information on the subject and/or how other people have done such things. I'll be sure to hunt this on google as well. Thank-you.

There are no websites that I know of that give you information on receiving unencrypted data from NSA and CIA satellites (black satellites) and if there where I’m sure the US government would have had them shut down by now.

I’m not sure if your old DSS receiver will do the job as I have never used one but it will depend on a few things such as the frequencies is can receive, is it digital, how accurate is it, can you control the polarisation, Symbol Rate, FEC and what LNB and the size of the dish you use. The truth is it can be really hit and miss in the sense that it will work or it won’t, the only thing I can suggest that will work is to get a SKY digital receiver and a SKY LNB from eBay and then go on line as there are a few sites where amateur astronomers tracking “black†satellites and then you have to try and find the frequencies, FEC, symbol rate and polarisation they use.

If you are interested in receiving more then just video and audio feeds you will need to get a satellite modem and with a few modifications you can have some fun.

Ideally you have to design yourself something from the ground up as the commercial versions or modifying a satellite modem is very expensive or expensive and hard to do.

There are also ways to communicate to some satellites using a computer and Ham radio.

The reason you don’t see many people talk about hacking satellites is it’s generally very hard and expensive to do.

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Thanks for the reply metatron, I was simply interested in if it was possible using my old reciever and dish but as I said - this stuff is ay over my head. But, it would be fun to learn about nonetheless.

Yeah, it’s an interesting subject when you get into it but it’s not one of the easiest things to get into manly due to the price of the equipment and the amount of time it take to do things.

With out knowing the specification of your old receiver and dish it would be impossible to tell you if you could use it or not, if it is possible all you have to do is point your dish at the satellite you are targeting and then put the frequency, polarisation, Symbol Rate and FEC setting they use into your receiver and if the satellite is sending footage or audio that is not encrypted and you box can decode the signal it will appear on your TV, the hard thing is finding all the needed setting's and the location of the satellite.

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Interesting finds but if all you want to do is crack commercial grade encryption currently deployed by BSkyB and other satellite providers just to get free TV there’s little to no point as it only took me an hour to work out how to get all the channels with out paying, but I wouldn’t do that as I have no interest in stealing from them.

Now accessing other content and services not offered to the public or at a high cost is where my interest was, I still keep an eye on what’s going on and if someone wants me to give them a hand designing something I am happy to help as long as the project interests me.

In the UK it’s currently not illegal to develop technologies to circumvent encryption, but if you deploy that technology to take information or money away from anyone other then yourself is when it becomes illegal.

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network sat's are to easy and pointless. i am not a theif

METATRON lets say hypothetical the nsa has a sat to take recon work

in your best knowlege what type of equipment are they using in the sat

like: high powered camera's , transponders & recivers , possibly computers

and if they do use computers dont they need a remote frequency to run on differntly from the frequency of the video feed.

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Anything I would be saying about NSA recon satellites would be all speculation but it is well known that their satellites are some of the most expensive in the world and can monitor everything from missile launches and troop movements to mobile phone calls and walkie-talkie transmissions.

But what is known is

the CIA's KH-11 KEYHOLE reconnaissance satellite is similar in size to the Hubble Space Telescope, the KH-11's measure approximately 64 feet long, 10 feet in diameter and weigh in at around 30,000 pounds.

Featuring the latest in CCD imaging technology, the original KH-11's had a primary mirror 7 feet 8 inches (2.33 meter) wide, although more recent models feature larger mirrors. The secondary mirror, more than one foot in diameter, sharply focuses the light coming off the primary mirror to produce images with a resolution of 10 centimeters (3.93 inches).

The latest KEYHOLE's reportedly feature a resolution of just 3 centimeters. Putting it simply, if you were to place a matchbox in the middle of a suburban street a KH-11 would be able to photograph it.

Ever since the 1970's, the NSA has also operated constellations of Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) satellites in a variety of orbits. The Signals Intelligence satellites orbit the earth picking up all manner of radar, cellular telephone, missile telemetry, microwave and ground radio emissions. These satellites feature massive antennas that sources say are between 100 and 200 meters in diameter with a surface area of close to 10,000 square meters.

The first-generation RHYOLITE satellites featured antennas of around 10-20 meters in diameter. These were soon followed by the VORTEX series with antennas 40-50 meters in diameter. The most recent constellation is the MAGNUM series orbited in 1985, 1989 and 1990. Their 100-meter in diameter antennas make extremely low-power emissions from earth even easier to receive. With the giant 150-to-200 meter in diameter Trumpet series currently under development, there'll be no limit to what the NSA is capable of receiving.

Full Article

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And the only security (if that's the proper term for this) that you have is that with them being able to pick up _that_ much detail and info, it'll be that much harder for them to separate the wheat from the chaff.

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I read this on another site I thought it mite come in useful to some one.

Ok, here is my simple 5 step plan you can take to hack a satellite:

1. Hacking a satellite would require you obtain very powerful (and very expensive) microwave transmission equipment that is powerful enough to reach the satellite. These can either be stolen from the SABC or CSIR. don’t bother stealing Telkom's transmitters. They ain't worth shit.

2. You have to decide whether you are going to hack a LEO (low earth orbit) Satellite, or a Geosynchronous satellite. I recommend hacking the Geosynchronous ones, because you don’t have to keep adjusting the transmitter antenna. the LEO sats move slower, and their position relative to the earth is always changing, unlike Geosynchronous satellites.

3. Next you have to determine which satellites you have a straight line of sight to, given the position of the transmitting equipment. If you are in SA, an example is the satellite that DSTV uses. make a list of accessible satellites; swell as their positions in the sky.

4. After you have the list of possible candidate satellites, you have to decide what band you want to hack. you have about 4 choices. look at the graph below:



L 1.6465-1.66 1.545-1.5585

C 5.925-6425 3.7-4.2

Ku 14.0-14.4 11.7-12.2

Ka 27.5-30.5 17.7-21.7

So let’s say you want to hack Ku band. it’s a good choice because of the massive bandwidth it has. now select all the satellites on your list that operates on that band. An example is DSTV's satellite. it is accessible, and is on the Ku band. now you have everything you need to hack them.

5. Align your satellite transmitter to the position of the geosynchronous satellite. Set the incoming frequency to the downlink frequency in the table, and set the outgoing transmission to the uplink frequency in the table.

Now, plug your trusty laptop pc into the WAN port at the encoder that came with your satellite transmitter using a crossover cat5 cable.

Start windows XP, and set up a new modem. (Remember to install PPPoE drivers first!). Choose the PPPoE driver device as your default modem. Change the telephone number to *99***1#.

don’t insert a username or password.

6. Double click the connection; wait a few seconds for the connection to be established. once you have a connection, and the satellite have assigned you an ip address via DHCP, do a ping scan within the x.x.x.0-x.x.x.255 range, where x is the ip you have been assigned. there should be a couple of other folks also logged in. resolve the hostnames as well.

7. go to the command line and type "telnet x.x.x.1 21" where x is the ip you've been assigned. It may ask you for a username and password. just press ENTER twice. Once you are in, type "SU". it will ask you for a username and password. just press ENTER. There! You have now successfully rooted a satellite! Enjoy taking over the world!

P.S. I guarantee that the process will work exactly as I have outlined above. I’ve done it a few times and it ALWAYS works.

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