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Radio controlled beetle


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wow.. that is fucking awesome. FOR 1, this finally gives a big ass beetle a real purpose in life besides biting the fuck out of someone, but for 2... i dunno. sucks to be the beetle..

Today it's a beetle tomorrow... HUMANZ!

i dunno though.. this is kinda a freaky thing to think about.

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At first I thought it was some kind of electronic bug, but its a real frickn insect! I wonder how many other animals and such they tried that on so far. I know its far fetched, but what about soldiers? Does anyone think they would every try that on a human? If so, whats to say they haven't already. They have insertable RFID tags for security purposes, next they will have mind controlling satellites orbiting the earth, controlling our every move and thought...Wheres Orwell when you need him.. :)

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I would have so much fun with that, and a very angry girlfriend lol.

LMFAO That was exactly the first thing that came to mind, buy one to FUCK with girlfriend.

with that in the male arsenal no guy shall ever be placed on sex sanctions for forgetting to take the rubbish out on collection day.

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