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  1. Favourite game: golden axe Favourite OS: anything thats not windows Favourite console: sega cuz i needs it to play golden axe Nationality: US Accent: varies with blood alcohol level Sex: Male Age: 23 Race: hispanic Height: 5 10 Status: philanderer Build: skinny as a scarecrow lol Favourite band: horse the band, saosin, as blood runs black. can't decide between those 3 Favourite book: our band could be your life Favourite author: robert westall Favourite movie: frankenstein Favourite director: robert rodriguez Favourite TV Show: survivorman that dude is totally going to die out in the wilderness trying to entertain us Favourite actor: shaun connery Favourite actress: catherine zeta jones Favourite Pinup: cloudy (burning angel girl) Favourite Comedian: dane cook Other hobbies: photography. aggressive inline, filmmaking, guitar, bass, drums, singing (both actual singing and screaming heard in various metal and screamo bands) and drifting Car: currently totaled: honda civic crx (don't miss it) within the next 3 months: 2nd generation mazda rx7 [drools] Occupation: file clerk
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