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I just want to know everyones oppinion on google chrome, i searched for the topic and it came up with nothing, so if this has already be done let me know, i thought i did it a while back but i cant remember,

i like it to tell you all the truth, i think it works quite well, its kinda neat!

so tell me what you think about it


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Heh, but Chrome doesn't have any options though! (Well, some features can be turned on and off.)

The thing I like about Chrome is the pop-in pop-out tabs. That's it's one killer feature that no other browser has.

Also, the independent processes are pretty cool (that will be a feature in IE 8) and the smart address bar is good (but also in FF 3). The smart homepage I could take or leave, but Opera offers a similar feature.

The thing I hate about Chrome is that it's not Firefox :P Whenever I try to use Chrome to get something done, it always manages to get in the way. The limited context (right-click) menu is infuriating. There's nothing useful like "view selection source" or "view image."

I do hope that Chrome makes it as a browser though, because it will be good for Webkit/Safari compliant design on websites. Right now, that's another annoyance.

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I like Google chrome. I also use it a lot. I especially like developing for Google chrome (web dev). Is nice and fast, and it has some nice features, for example the developers menu. It has a good future. And somewhere, not in the far future, Google says they might make it into a OS.

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It's gorgeous in Vista with all that glass. I bet it looks better in Windows 7.

I DON'T like the integrated address bar/search bar. I frequently use links like cse/mail or cse/~myclassname while on the school network, and it accepts it as a search string rather than a link.

It's pretty quick too. Until it comes out for Mac, I think I'll stick with Safari.

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