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kinetic energy charger


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Shannon actually picked this as one of her favorite products, right?

I actually did not get the sexual references many have been making and thought it was as a great product if it could really work. I have the distinct feeling that if you don't move it fast enough, your device will charge, stop, charge, stop, charge, stop, charge, within a 10 second timespan..., which would kill the battery.

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I agree the constant charging and stopping may destroy the battery. Although it may have a built in battery inside of it that acts like a UPS keeping the current stable. At least it should with a price point of $100.

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I read about a DIY one a while ago that you put on (just under) your knees. it would have to have some sort of UPS thing but with a few capacitors and diodes you can make a basic surge protetor, and i'm sure you could add some small batteries that could keep it charging for at least a minute. the one I read about claimed to be able to power 5x USB voltage/amperage at once. I just cant find the link though.

EDIT: just checking instructables(i think that's where it was) I found this cool usb berathing powered! http://www.instructables.com/id/Breath-powered-USB-charger/

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