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hak5 tshirts?


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I would love to see what you guys come up with t-shirt wise. Throw me some concepts and I'll commission you!

Ah sweet, well i found some templates for shirts, they like the guy size, girls size, with different color background etc. http://www.threadless.com/ starter kit has a PSD file for people to download.

Maybe i can think of something cool for hak5.

*note this doesn't mean they have to be printed at threadless, it just to mooch their template.

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haha, why does anyone care its just IRC, not real. Everything that anyone tells you or you talk about you have to take with a huge fucking pinch of salt. The people you talk to, you don't know, they are not real, stop being a bunch of bitches and get over it. IRC does not matter, the internet does not matter, friendships developed on it are not real.

JJ, free manual shirts would be epic, but you're the nonsensical type, plus should be show related.


I kid, I kid...

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Vicky- I got a size small since they are boy shirts. It fits pretty snugly :)

I also want a Hak5 Hoodie. I would totally sport my own show.

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