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  1. well, I was excited to try 2.6.1, b/c my third radio had been giving me issues since switching to 2.6.0 and really only working for a reboot or two after a factory reset. Anyway. after going to 2.6.1. i'm not getting an IP when connecting to the open network Pineapple_XXXX "Obtaining Ip address..." till it times out and connects to my regular wifi. after a few attempts android reports > "IP Configuration Failure" 2 reboots later i'm connected. Not sure what that was about...
  2. i'm no expert, so take my comment with a grain of salt. Doesn't Burp need connected to the directly connected iface of the web app? or can it pick up traffic anywhere on the wire? Can you connect it to Wlan0 or whatever iface the ipad is connected to. I'm reaching here ... I can tell. Seems like it should work how you have it set up.
  3. no Kev, You don't have a brick! You are just running into the issue the rest of us are. @Foxtrot is working on an update as we speak I believe. I'm also eager to have this functionality returned. Oddly enough, I noticed yesterday while doing some testing that "unassociated" clients at the bottom of the recon list DID have probes. Just nothing connected to an AP in the recon list had probes. ODD Just a suggestion, but might not be a bad idea to have builds designated. Such as Weeklies or Nightlies. Including a Release Candidate release would be great for people just getting the product to have 'off the shelf' functionality.
  4. I thought the time wasn't right either. . . Even tho it says i've set it correctly to eastern time zone. when I look at logs from recon it's still on pacific.
  5. cheat engine is pretty boss actually. I learned a lot about memory address by playing around with android games and cheat engine. @Darren Kitchen works on a mac too! if you have time
  6. Thanks for the quick feedback team! After reading your posts i'm not sure if my configuration or the firmware is the issue. I'll be happy to just wait for the patch.
  7. Heyo; Just giving the new update a try today. To be fair I haven't played much since 2.4.2 so bear with me. I saw that "log probes" was changed to "log PineAP events" I was following along with DK's new video on WiFi Hacking Workflow and had zero issues until he clicked the button to see logged Probes of a particular client. I've run multiple recon scans without issue (with log PineAP events checked) and for whatever reason when I click that button to see the probes I see "No Probes found. Is probe logging enabled" Well, I thought it was! lol Maybe I'm missing something? If no one has any other suggestions i'll start with firmware recovery of course. But just wanted to check with ya'll before I did something unnecesscary
  8. Sorry should have read "removable internal battery" Thinking about this more I was actually wondering how hard it would be to build a Pineapple Smartphone. Essentially everything we've come to depend on in a smartphone; always on cellular connection; HD display Responsive UI If I could design a 3D printed case that would allow me to "disconnect" the pineapple from the phone and leave the configured device on site. . .
  9. Hopefully! Wishful thinking; Nano roughly the same size - possibly with a rechargeable battery built in. USB-C (of course), + 5Ghz. a bit more ram anyone else?
  10. UnLo

    Blunder Bug

    Or any android VM on a laptop with usb-c
  11. I believe Hak5 provides exactly enough information. The fact is these devices ARE very powerful. Hak5 walks a very fine line providing products such as these. While they are designed with a 'white' hat mentality, their powers can easily be leveraged for 'black' hat activities. An education gap between the experts using such devices for pen test / security audits and the script kiddies wanting to play around and disrupt others exists, and it plays into Hak5's favor. Providing enough info to prove their products work is really all they need to do. It's up to the end user to determine the limits of what the device is capable of. "should I be learning the kind of stuff you need to get Networking+ certs?" - Couldn't hurt! Understanding the fundamentals makes using this device a helluva lot easier. "I can't see anywhere that any of this is being covered" - Have you checked the payloads section of the forums?
  12. search the forums. The answers you seek are in the Modules section.
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