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  1. Did your unit come new from Hak5 or used from ebay etc? The new units are likely tested before being shipped out. Perhaps that test wasn't cleared on your unit. A simple reset should clear up anything else.
  2. Community ver 2.0 and a freshly firmware recovered and fully upgraded 2.6.2 nano. I'm not seeing recon scans or probes in C2 but they are viewable locally on the nano.
  3. Very cool! Much excite very wow. Will update soon
  4. Really? I won't need to completely make new config files now that I've created a server with let's encrypt and ver 2.0? If I upgrade server to 2.1 it will just work? Impressive.
  5. This has been bugging me, obviously. So I followed the instructions for certbot. After removing my openssl keys and shutting down my server I followed the instructions outlined here Might your struggles have included this message -> Webserver failed to start: tls: failed to find certificate PEM data in certificate input, but did find a private key; PEM inputs may have been switched [*] Shutting down gracefully [*] Server stopped **Solved had my key and cert files switched around by mistake - > no more TLS errors -> hopefully I can get a device to show up in the dashboard now. ....-> jackpot!
  6. @Flatlinebb Thank you for the reply and confirmation of my suspicions.
  7. SO, i've gone back through and re-run this command. The first time through I skipped all the details of the certificate when setting it up. Including the FQDN. (Doh) Anyway. .. I decided to go back through and re-run this command after killing my server, removing the keys and the .db file and starting fresh. This time I did complete the certificate details including the FQDN, I restarted server with new key and cert file.. everything started up, however I still get the same TLS Handshake error TLS; Unknown certificate when I make a connection from the browser. I'm guessing... this error & cert details could also be the root of why my devices won't connect back to c2, (downloading device.config for pineapple, sharkjack, packet squirrel ) even though these devices are online and can ping the server.
  8. I followed another post and made keys that got the server up and running. However, i'm curious if the C2 generated device.config file will still work to get my devices connected? or wait for update?
  9. Where in C2 can I check that the settings are correct for the config file it's generating? Besides 80 and 443 what ports are required for C2? My pineapple can connect to the internet just fine and get updates > with the config.device in my /etc/ folder I'm still not seeing a connection on C2 unfortunately I confirmed i've got 20,2022,80,and 443 open on my gcp instance Can also ping from pineapple to my c2.mydomain.net without issue not sure what, or if i'm doing anything wrong here. from what i've read and seen this should be all that is required.
  10. Thanks for the tips, Ill look at my configs tonite.
  11. Would connecting to the C2 from the same network my pineapple is trying to connect from be proof enough of a working route?
  12. What was your resolution OP? I've moved the correct device.config from C2 to pineapple /etc/ and rebooted the device with internet access and it still does not connect to C2
  13. So a very odd thing just happened. I previously had set up my nano after downloading 2.6.2. So my hostname and passwords etc were already set up. . . after signing into the dashboard I used wlan2 to scan for available networks. Suddenly i'm disconnected from my nano... When I search for available networks... my named nano is not available, however the default name of my nano is visible as if my nano needs set up.... here is where things get extra weird. I connect to the default SSID... And everything else is already set up... I'm not prompted to complete set up. and magically... i'm connected to the network I picked when I scanned with wlan2 ... this is so funky.. wth is going on?!
  14. i'll say, I actually got to use my License key! attempting to enroll a device now. Thx for the assist, looking forward to the update that makes this work as it should.
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