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Found 5 results

  1. I have wanted to get pineapple for a while now, however I would prefer getting the tactical version. While originally wanting to get a tetra, i have seen tons of complaints about it and they don't seem to be stopping. However, it seems like the Nano is more stable and therefore now want to get the nano. I've got several questions: 1) Is it worth buying a pineapple when there are other options like FruityWifi available? does the pineapple have more functions etc.? 2) How stable is the Nano in doing its job? (do all the modules work) 3) when will the tactical versions be back in stock? (mainly a question to @Darren Kitchen if he sees this) Thank you
  2. Can anyone provide me with the understandable source code for Rubber Ducky's twin duck firmware. I found source code which is intel hex format and I can't convert it to understandable code. It would be really helpful 🙂
  3. So this idea just popped into my head. Pentest confessions... Video series could include dramatic re-enactment or reality TV style live shows. Please discuss.
  4. I recently bought the new essentials filed kit form the hakshop https://hakshop.com/collections/hak5-field-kits/products/hak5-essentials-field-kit I looked at the hak5 youtube channel to see some hacks for the rubber ducky how they work and the creation process but and I liked the idea of the 15 Second Password Hack, Mr. Robot Style - Hak5 2101 as well as the 2 and 3 second hash hacks but there was one major problem for me throughout these video Darren used a web server with a web browser interface to hold the hashed files and the hack files like the rx.php and im.pxl. I was wondering how I can make a web server just a carbon copy of his (obviously different site name) so I can view it on a browser like chrome or firefox form any location with the ssh capabilities and console access so i can get the hack running like he did because that was a struggle for me and I probably doing something wrong and cant make one. This is a really cool hack especially because it can be simplified to 2 seconds possibly less, I'm just struggling to get the server to work. It would be nice if it could be made so its invisible like a vps. Preferably free Thanks Jsync
  5. So I've had my Pineapple for a few days and started to learn the in's and outs of the MKV. I'm quite comfortable with using Karma and the other features, but would like to take it to the next step, by going out and doing deauth attacks.... In an early edition of HAK5 Darren Kitchen had an airport challenge where he was using Karma with a newish feature (at the time) called airdrop-ng, he showed an example of it, and looked easy to use. It dosnt seem to be on the MKV, however the aireplay-ng feature is. I've come across aireplay-ng but never used it. My question is, are these the same feature and how effective is the aireplay-ng command. Also is it possible to get the airdrop-ng command on the MKV. Thanks
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