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Found 8 results

  1. This is some ideas I had for V1.0.3... 1) improve the recon mode, most of the time when scanning for ages it will only pickup 2 or 3 and sometimes don’t even show much details. I had 5 devices next to it which it did only pickup one. 2) Make it an option if you want to download a module to a USB maybe, say if you download a pop out asks if you want to save to another device if it detects another USB. 3) When you turn on dark mode it can sometimes make some of the recon tablets slots greyed out, when putting into the normal mode I see will the details with dark mode can be a bit strange.. 4) maybe have a settings option to turn off the LED, it may only use a little bit of power but people using it on the go it can be best to save as much power as you can. Or maybe a low power mode. 5) Maybe more configuration options like as above the LED switch or Low Power Mode, maybe more settings like Disabled and Enabled Antennas if your not using one etc.. 6) Would love to see a integrated wireshark kinda thing, the TCPDump is good but you need to download to see all details, an online wireshark kinda thing would be awesome to see! Thanks for taking the time to read this, and Hak5 love the new MK7 having some great time with it!
  2. Hello everyone, I have just discovered this amazing community. I am wondering if you guys could help provide me with beneficial programming tips or suggestions. I love to code and I am wondering if there are important skills I should obtain or learn about. It would be amazing to see if you guys have any programming tutorials/books/etc... that can be helpful to learn from. I am fairly decent at coding. My older project I worked on was an app on the IOS App Store (took me about 8 months to create), but I now want to learn about creating good-quality code and being able to understand other's code clearly. I currently aspire to become a software engineer one day.
  3. Hey guys, i have n idea. what is you took a cat 7e eth cable, and in the middle somewher you cut it open and "siphon" the data out (not like the turtle) and send it to a wifi pineapple and host a private network. you could get free internet, and no one would know.
  4. So this idea just popped into my head. Pentest confessions... Video series could include dramatic re-enactment or reality TV style live shows. Please discuss.
  5. I think a good additional category for this forum would be one dedicated to smartphones / mobile devices. What do you think?
  6. I have a suggestion you might have heard before. It could be applied at the next firmware update, or before, if it's easy to do… As to it even being possible I'll leave it to you. I like the 3.0/1.0 Management page look with the small tiles leading to bigger tiles but what I don't like is how long it takes them all to load and how I don't have any control over which ones are displayed. I'd like to be able to install all of the infusions, even the ones I won't use anytime soon, but be able to disable their tile from being displayed on the Management page maybe in a tab in the Configuration Tile. Essentially I'd like to be able to customize the Management page to just the tiles I want to see but not have to uninstall the other Infusions to get there. This would allow me to customize the Management page to show just the tiles I want to see that relate to whatever task I'm focused on. Is this making sense to anyone else?
  7. With some of the larger Infusions (e.g. RandomRoll) it takes quite a while to download, especially on slow networks. It'd be great if we could have a progress bar for the download. Should be pretty easy to do - just have an Ajax call to a page that returns the size of the file in /tmp/modules/ or /usb/tmp/modules/, then use that value to update a progress bar. I guess I could hack this together at some point if you're busy with bigger functionality - just let me know.
  8. I really would be a nice feature to keep /www/pineapple/modules/moduleList after a firmware upgrade. So you don't have to "reinstall" all infusions again after a upgrade. Besides the modules are still installed on the usb, but moduleList is wiped when upgrading. Or create a checkbox system for the available infusions, so you can install multiple infusions at once ;)
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