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  1. Hey everyone, whenever I connect my pineapple nano to my macbook air, all of my internet is cut except for the one that goes to my pineapple. I can only go to the pineapple's webpage and nothing else. As soon as I unplug the pineapple, all other web pages load fine. I followed everything perfectly, I just can't seem to find the reason why my pineapple's acting so weird. I have internet sharing turned on as well. Is it because I'm using a Mac?
  2. Stumbled upon this on the Internet... https://www.amazon.com/Pineapple-Performance-Sweatpants-HeavyWeight-Pants/dp/B075TYHMS8 Every day we stray further from god's light...
  3. Hi, I'm thinking of getting a wifi pineapple and I'm worried about the limited flash memory. Is there a way to use the micro sd as rootfs? In other words, how can I boot off the micro sd card? Thanks!
  4. ??? I only posted this once, I swear... something must be wrong with the website. Sorry.
  5. Hi, I scoured the internet for the bunny_helpers.sh file but I can't find any. It's not even in the Hak5 github page. if anyone has access to the source code can you please share it with me? Thanks!
  6. Hi, My friend came into my dorm room(when I was in class) and messed everything up so as a little present I'm planning to run a fork bomb command on his macbook air. Don't worry, it won't mess up his mac for good. The macs are school-given, and so the terminal is disabled. Can I store iterm2 on the bash bunny and have it run the iterm2? If so, how?
  7. Oh, sorry. I now get what you mean, thanks! Sorry for having to make you repeat the same stuff over and over again.
  8. Then will I still have the two payload slots? Or will I use one of them?
  9. Yeah, but then I waste a potential payload slot!
  10. Hi, if I install avahi-daemon and put ATTACKMODE RNIDS_ETHER in something like .bashrc or .profile, can I SSH into the bunny with sudo ssh root@bunny.local? I greatly prefer SSH over serial so I would really like my method above to work. I don't own a bash bunny, although I might buy it at some point, I'm just considering. Thanks!
  11. What do you mean? Does it mean I still have to use a payload file? Also, do I have to boot it in payload mode, or can I boot in arming mode and still use the payload to SSH into the bash bunny?
  12. Hello I am thinking of buying a smash rabbit and I want to find out a way to ssh into it. I heard that if I want to SSH into the rabbit I have to "waste" a payload for the bunny to emulate RNIDS_ETHER. Is this correct? Or is there some other way for it to emulate a usb-to-ethernet adapter upon boot without having to use a payload? I dunno, stick something in the .profile? Thanks!
  13. Hello fellow elite haxors I am thinking of buying a Bash Bunny and I'm wondering, How do you get internet on the thing? There's no wifi card, nor did I hear anywhere that you can share network from the host computer to the bunny via USB(or can it?). Can someone please tell me how to get internet access on the Smash Rabbit? Thanks! Eric MIn
  14. Hi, I saw one of Shannon's podcasts and Darren said that the Bash Bunny is Debian, so you can "sudo apt-get install whatever you want". Is this true? Does the Bash Bunny have wifi? Because in the release video they didn't say anything about the Bunny having built-in wifi, nor does the product page. If it doesn't, can you share the internet connection from my computer to the Bunny? Thanks!
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