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  1. Check your Chrome settings, maybe you have some urls in Chrome on startup.
  2. Freakin awesome work Hak5 team!
  3. As @Dave-ee Jones said you can inspect element and change that elements' color and other properties. You can take advantage of newer versions of Chrome using local override for easier theme editing. If you'd like to contribute a theme you can fork the repository then apply your changes to your forked repository, then you can submit a pull request after.
  4. You can start by modifying the theme by unminifying the bootstrap.min.css and main.css. Look at the pineapple-theme repo as an example.
  5. I got you fam. https://github.com/kbeflo/pineapple-themes
  6. If you're not in any way on a tight budget, I would go for it. A powered usb hub would do well on the nano. Due to a bug in the WiFi Pineapple's firmware, you can't launch some attacks from a micro sd card. I couldn't reference the bug as the WiFi Pineapple bugtracker is currently down. https://www.wifipineapple.com/bugs
  7. I'd go for the 8 GB first, see if how long you can fill that up and just upgrade from there. Though I would go against not using an microsd as it just breaks a lot of programs such as adde88's Mana Attack and g0blin's PMKID attack. We mount flashdrives into the nano instead.
  8. Have been using this one https://github.com/oblique/create_ap. Really simple setup and creates a service so the access point starts on boot.
  9. It may already be working. Can you check your interfaces if your wireless adapter is present? I found a repo with TL-WN722N drivers for 4.15 and earlier kernels https://github.com/abhijeet2096/TL-WN722N-V2. Also found an answer from superuser for TL-WN722N https://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/391278/how-can-i-get-my-wifi-card-tp-link-tl-wn722n-to-work-in-kali-linux-vmware-12. I haven't tested these, much better if you try it for yourself.
  10. Have you tried running wp6.sh? Rerun [G]uided setup over again.
  11. I don't think you can increase the RPM of the hard drives though it would trigger failsafes or just wouldn't have that much power coming from its power source. Though I would like to suggest a similar attack, although it does not target HDD's specifically. You could use USB Kill to damage their computers to an unusable state, this device maybe could damage the motherboard, hard drives, and ssd's. I'm not sure if @Sebkinne allows this kind of device/attack here though. You can remove this anytime master Seb.
  12. @DARK PARK, have you looked into using bettercap by evilsocket? https://github.com/bettercap/bettercap. Here's a great guide by @hackabus,
  13. Please give us some more context or details on what you are trying to do and what you are trying to achieve on modifying the ISO file so that we can help you out.
  14. Could it be that you were trying to access the web interface at instead of
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