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  1. So if you don't use a sd card, where will all your files be stored.? Powered usb hub, if not mistaken only provides power to the nano, and other plug in
  2. Are you using Pineapple or straight Kali Linux?
  3. Glad you got refunded! Did you buy another Nano?
  4. How did you format the sd card once in the Nano?
  5. Will a ALFA wifi adapter work
  6. Kudos to you Aaron Outhier, for helping the community!
  7. Does the Nano come with updated Firmware, when you buy it?
  8. When you installed Kali, and ran the setup, a prompt should have appeared and ask to login, user name I use root, and then for password I use what ever name i want. I never had a problem using this on a VM machine
  9. There are other Routers that will lock on you also. Netgear some models.
  10. Any one here using, if so, how do you like it. Is the 15dbi better? Alfa 9dB AOA-2458-59-TFL 2.4/5 GHz Dual Band Outdoor Wi-Fi antenna
  11. I have xfininty and my DL is 60Mbps and Up 5.0Mbps. Where I live, don't think we will ever have FiberOptics. It is a very small town. Just out of curiosity, what do you pay per month for service.
  12. viperlord! How fast is your internet speed using Fiber Optics!
  13. Anyone like the Alfa 2.4ghz 15dbi Omni Antenna?
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