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  1. There are other Routers that will lock on you also. Netgear some models.
  2. Any one here using, if so, how do you like it. Is the 15dbi better? Alfa 9dB AOA-2458-59-TFL 2.4/5 GHz Dual Band Outdoor Wi-Fi antenna
  3. I have xfininty and my DL is 60Mbps and Up 5.0Mbps. Where I live, don't think we will ever have FiberOptics. It is a very small town. Just out of curiosity, what do you pay per month for service.
  4. viperlord! How fast is your internet speed using Fiber Optics!
  5. Anyone like the Alfa 2.4ghz 15dbi Omni Antenna?
  6. For wifi hotspots, also for possible sharing my wif!
  7. I am in process of getting a Nano, did you guys get your problem fix?
  8. Has anyone uses an exterior antenna for nano? If so which antenna is best for this. thanks!
  9. Was wondering what type of outdoor antenna is most recommended! Yagi, Dish type etc.
  10. Well I am 70 years young, and I spend about 5 hrs per day!
  11. My Question is, can Kali Linux do everything that a Nano Station does?
  12. This is a Dumb noobie Question. Do I need internet connection for the pineapple to work?
  13. Cooper, Thanks for the information very informative. I will get my Mark V within next week or so. Looking forward to future communications with you and others.
  14. Hello this is papadave, glad to be here. I hope you accept Senior Citizens 65 yrs of age. I am going to buy the Mark V. But not sure If I should wait. Since I have read that a new version is coming out, or an updated one. For mean time I will read all that I can. Hope in future I can call upon someone if I run into any glitches. My location is Central Calif. Happy Testing.
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