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  1. Someone on reddit posted this: "I opened in it my audio editor and it seems to be at normal speed when shifted down -10 semi-tones. No idea what's up with your HackRF though." But I do not know why it would need to be sped down... two diff machines, two diff sound cards... is this even a sign of a bad SDR or? Never experienced this with my RTL-SDR before. Nothing even close.. UPDATE: I just ran hackrf_debug -s -n 0 -r to check the CLKIN readings... and mine is spitting out 0x51 which apparently means no clock detected at all. I wonder if this could be causing it?
  2. UPDATE: FIXED! After flashing the firmware on the hackrf to the latest, i forgot to the flash the newer CPLD image! GG. ------------------------------------------ Hey guys, just recently got a hackrf one and every station I tune into with SDR# sounds like chipmunks. I tried it on a fresh copy/install on my other windows 10 machine. Same results. I did upgrade the firmware on it to the latest from the github repo, without any results. I don't even know if I can trust this device or if it's fault because I literally can not get a decent answer or get pointed towards the possible issue. This is an example of what all radio stations around me sound like: instaud.io recording These are the current settings I used: imgur screenshots
  3. Hey there, sure, I wouldn't mind doing this. I love simplistic designs myself. Flat/Minimal is by far my favorite. I take a lot of pride in this site (which does not function correct anymore, old abandoned project) http://mylol.is. Spent a lot of time making it, the main interface was WAY awesome. Interactive windows and all that jazz. Do you use any messengers at all? Skype or Discord for communication? I'd love to help bring more stuff to the community.
  4. Something I whipped up for users who may be tired of the default themes. Some may make it unreadable, but most are just fine, since it uses bootstrap. https://github.com/moorer2k/pineapple-tetra-themer
  5. MooreR

    Evil Portals

    There, added the logo. I know it could be responsive, but I literally just copied the whole CSS and everything from the original xfinity router login. That'll at least make it much more authenticate to users who may be used to it ? Haha. It should work for now.
  6. MooreR

    Evil Portals

    Oops, forgot to grab the image. haha, must be rendering off my router gateway. I'll update that.
  7. MooreR

    Evil Portals

    Hey, I made a simple XFINITY portal to grab XFINITY credentials. Should work right off the bat, appends logs in the format of: XFINITY CREDS: Email: USEREMAIL Password: USERPASS You can include it in your rep if you'd like, going to add more here whenever I finish them: Index of /EP Screenshot: