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  1. Experimental Solution Hey Metasploit, I apologize for this delay. The only way I found to "fix" it was to change "/etc/Networkmanager/Networkmanager.conf" to the code below. But even then it causes problems. I just manually change my "/etc/dhcp/dhclient.conf" to the code below. Listen though, if you change your "Networkmanager.conf" to managed as the code below shows. You will not be able to manually set your "dhclient.conf" as I suggest you to do for the whole solution to DNS leaks. The code for the VPN payload on the Packet-Squirrel is only able to rewrite the "resolv.conf" if you have
  2. Thank-you for that, I think I figured it out.
  3. I've already tried this, I can manually do this through the dhcp file on my linux machine. But I want to automate this through the Packet Squirrel, I am using the configuration above and it is still not working.
  4. Okay, I have fought with this all last night and today. I watched that video you posted Metasploit. I changed the "FOR_CLIENTS", I also copied the configuration file from NordVPN trying both their UDP and TCP files for many different US nodes. I changed the "auth-user-pass auth.txt" and put my credentials username on one line and password on the second line, and made the "auth.txt" file in the same directory as the configuration and payload.sh. I even tried using this configuration through Kali Linux. It worked and automatically connected and worked. BUT when I tried to automated this wit
  5. Oh that's perfect, thank you Ulrich Fuchs
  6. Hey guys, I am new to the whole forum thing. I am curious on how to use the VPN payload with my packet-squirrel. I bought NordVPN a while ago, they offer the following files to connect ".crt with .key" and ".opvn". Though I am clueless on how to use these files, I tried copying the ".opvn" to the configuration file. I am sure I am doing this wrong, but I want to learn. I know how to use these files on Linux but not so much with the Packet-squirrel, what should I do? Edit: I have read the documentation, before that comes up thanks.
  7. Darren you are the man! I was on and off the forums waiting on the new script. It works like a charm exactly what I needed, looks like you were up pretty late thank you!
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