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Found 6 results

  1. I know there a few threads here with similar problems, but their solutions do not seem to apply to me so here I am. If there is a thread that applies to me that I missed, please direct me to it. Basically, I received a new USB Rubber Ducky recently, and followed the instructions to write a hello world text file that was converted to an inject.bin file. I transferred this file to the micro sd and put the micro sd in the Rubber Ducky. However, when I plug the device into my laptop, my laptop does not notify me of anything happening. The laptop does not know there is a new device linked, and the Rubber Ducky displays a solid red light. I read that the solid red light means the Rubber Ducky cannot read the sd card. I tried fidgeting with the sd card in all sorts of ways, and even tried a second micro sd card. However, the red light persisted each time I plugged the device into my computer. I emailed Hak5 about a refund or a replacement (2 weeks ago) but have received no response. Is there anything I can do, or have I been ripped off?
  2. I bought the USB Rubber Ducky, and it appears that I cannot get it to go into DFU mode. After taking the Micro SD card out, I hold the black button and stick it into my PC, but all I see is a solid red LED on the Ducky. I'm trying to get it to go into DFU mode so I can get Twin Ducks but the DFU mode isn't working. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  3. I have been trying to set up my Ducky to run an injection file. When I plug it in my PC a red light comes on and just stays there on the Ducky but does nothing. I thought that it may be the format of the SD Card so have reformatted it using Fat32 and installed new Inject.bin files I have downloaded from this forum so I know they should work. Any ideas on what could be wrong or how I could fix it? Thanks,
  4. Hello again everybody. Im sorry for having 2 threads at the same time, but they are about different issues with my ducky; This time, after 2 o 3 days of perfect perfomance of my rubber ducky, it suddenly corrupted my MicroSD card (or it corrupted itself?) The one that cames with the ducky. When I plug the microSD with the adapter it says that it has no format, so I should format it, so I formated. But, afterwards unplugin the microSD, if I plug again, It is unformated again. Ducky just gives red SOLID light with or without card. Is this a known issue? Thanks in advance! My best regards. Pedro.
  5. "Hello World !" My problem is that i tried "Hello Word!" with succes. So i tried another payload that hasn't worked (i noticed a red light instead a blue) I've retried with a more simple playload and the red light was still there unless the script run I've retried with "Hello World" playload and it does'nt work too. There's still a red light. Can u tell me what's this red lights? What's this bottom ? Why "Hello World !" doesnt work anymore since i ran it at first time.
  6. Hi everyone at Hack5 and pineapple users. I'm a novice and first time user of a pineapple V and am hoping for some help with a technical problem. Firstly a bought the pineapple via ebay UK as a "new" device (It was around the same price without import costs as buying from Hack5 in the US but also quicker shipped...that was my first mistake) Pineapple arrived with the sd card inserted and clearly had been fired up before so I am unsure of its history. It boots after some initial flashes to SOLID RED AND GREEN LIGHT. It is also not accessible from the web interface at all so can't reset via there. I initially thought it may nave been a bad sd card which I have read of on the forum so tried another card and flashed the latest update to it from the downloads page at Hack5. Still nothing and still no boot past red and green lights. I read that the red light means that the firmware has a corrupted md5sum but the problem I have is that I can't communicate with the pineapple at all to try a firmware flash I have tried to SCP the pineapple with Ethernet bia the static ip etc but it doesn't seem to work ...although I may well not be doing this correctly as I am definitely a novice user -could anyone help or talk me through how to do this? Might I nead a serial UART to get directly to the board and flash it that way(???) I have tried to reset the pineapple with the dip switches (dip 2 + 3 in the down position) to reset system defaults but still nothing but solid red and green light boot. Could anyone please help me with what I need to do with it -I'm afraid my technically knowledge is low but am willing to learn and know how to fix the issues ...if I buy a fresh pineapple I simply don't want this to happen again and it still be beyond my capabilities to fix :/ Thanks to the forum Please comment if you can help. Cheers. Archimac
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