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  1. Hi Yeah, sorry for long post... 1. So I use som tool or scripting"java" to edit and put my desired payload onto the ducks internal storage. Do they ship them with or without payload? 2. The device must then be set to "inject mode" physical, right? or else it would be hard to connect it to my own computer for re-editing. On-off switch or? 3. Or do you simple put som "active flag" to the ducky and it will attack at next mount...? 4. Maybe I dont get it, how the chip works/bus mode/connectors. But does this usb-a connector and ducky only works as a HID, or could it fool the computer
  2. Hi, I am about to order the rubber ducky and this is what I understand so far (please answer,quote if I am wrong) 1. I order the rubber-ducky usb device online at the shop. Maybe I will have 2... 2. There is a "general" /universal script language standard utility that lets people customize the socalled payload* Among a community around it. 3. I am not sure thou, If I have to choose it at the shop (prepared with script) if this takes extra time. or if this choice "locks" my duck for future agility.. 4. There is some tools required for reading-writing to the internal sd-storage on this
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