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  1. Hello everyone! I haven't used my wifi pine in a while and was working fine before i did a update. since the update (2.4.2 and 2.5.2) wont connect to the internet when i use wlan2 (second usb wifi adapter) and i can't seem to find a reason why. I can get it to connect to my PC with no issue but can't do it this way. Is there a fix or is it not working anymore?
  2. I know this is a old post. Instead of making a new one i figured i post here. The issue i have is everything is set up via wiki, i can ping to it from the windows machine but not from the BB every time i ping it never times out but it will keep going forever till i do. I can even SSH into it with no issue. Any idea? im using switch two.
  3. Just updated and everything went fine! Awesome upgrade and can't wait for more to come!
  4. have you tried doing recovery with the bashbunny to see if this fixes the issue? Have you tried another payload to see if its not just that one? To see what maybe going on add ATTACKMODE STORAGE to see if you can't get the storage up with that switch.
  5. This is going to be basic but make sure it's set to arm mode (switch 3) and it should work.
  6. super-6-1

    Install Tools

    What I found out is if I manually move the tools to /pentest and then run it. It works. When I use a fresh run without moving the files manually it doesn't work. It maybe a way the USB storage sees the files.
  7. I did get the pentest installed. The PayPal for credits always blinks red. Even redid the payload manually. I'll look more into it again tomorrow after I get some sleep lol.
  8. I did this and the tools installed but for mine it blinks red Everytime. Tools are installed.
  9. I'll look into this also. Would be nice to port.
  10. I have tried this and it works but i cant get the driver for the EDM. internet sharing iz going to be hard to use when i cant have it for serial as well
  11. I have had one or two of these and it was nice but again it costs. For the same price you can find one that you can double the capacity on it and not have the pass threw or you can get the pass threw and have half the battery. I got a 12,000 one from walmart for $35 because it has the built in plug for the wall. Its not pass threw but for long uses it will last a good 7-8 hours no problem.
  12. Hello everyone! super-6-1 here and have been following hak5 for a while. figured i get into the community more. Favorite game: League of legends and CS GO Favorite OS: Debian Favorite console: none Nationality: American Accent: English Sex: Male Race: White Height: 5' 8" Build: Muscular Favorite band/Artist: Dj Shadow Favorite book: none Favorite author: none Favorite movie: hacker and 5th element Favorite director: None Favorite TV Show: Doctor Who Favorite actor: David tennant Favorite actress: Freema Agyeman Favorite Pinup: None Favorite Comedian: Ron White Other hobbies: Gaming, music, software debugging Car: 1998 Chevy Cavalier RS coupe Occupation: Repair tech
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