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  1. @super-6-1 How can you do the recovery? I'm having the same issue with my bunny. No activity in position 1. Thanks!
  2. I'm going to try this as well. Thank you! -Jeff
  3. HA! Yes at first I did not see the paper with the switch positions but yes I had it in switch 3 ;) -Jeff
  4. On my windows box it does not show up but I did try it on my Mac this morning and it shows up. Weird? I'm going to do an update then see if I can get it to show on my windows box. Thank you!
  5. Hello All! I was having the same issue with the destination port unreachable until I made the following changes at the end of Darren's video. If you need help or need screenshots let me know! -Jeff
  6. My bunny is recognized by my windows box (with USB chime) but does not display the drive. Any help would be hot! Thanks!
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