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  1. I would go for a Mac Book Pro and run Linux on vmware. Also you have the option to boot in to windows. For me it's the best programming laptop, at least for my area (Web Design) and also it's powerful enough for video editing as you want. If you go to an apple store now you will find all the Mac Book Pros in discount because the new model is coming. Good luck!
  2. First of all, are you sure is a DDOS atack? First look at the traffic to be sure it's a DDOS atack, maybe the company who is hosting your website have a problem with their servers, and that's why your website goes down. Good luck!
  3. 'Over the air' can be intercepted/accessed from the distance, if you are able to break the connection encryption then you wont even need to be in the scene of the 'crime' in theory. And for an attack to a wired connection then you would actually need to some how connect to the same network and if the only option is a wired connection then you would need to wire a machine to the network, witch security cameras or security guards can see. Do you agree? Well that's only my option, I might be wrong and you can correct me. I'm just getting in to this field, so don't take all my comments as the comments from a professional. Just as a person willing to learn and interested on the field! :) (Also Learning english lol)
  4. I'm looking forward to learn more about this, it sounds really interesting and more difficult than what I tough. But I still think that it's insecure for an ATM to send sensitive information to the air even if it's encrypted, it should have a hardwired connection. But yeah someone need to be really stupid to hack an ATM. And Mr-Protocol, lets not take this threat in the wrong way, it's all about information. As I said before someone need to be really stupid to try something like this.
  5. Hello guys, today I went to Walmart and saw something that caught my attention. The ATM had a little wireless antenna in the back. Well this is the ATM: Here we can see the back of the ATM with this little wifi antenna: And I believe this should be used instead of the wifi but for some reason it's not connected: Well I didn't knew that ATMS also used wifi, but now I was thinking what would happen if we do a man in the middle attack with the ATM, and change some packets that the ATM receive from their servers. For example telling the ATM that I have money on my account when I really have nothing. Or just steal the credit card info from other people? What do you guys think about this? Have someone ever done a MITM with an ATM? Dang it sounds really insecure all this ATM technology...
  6. Try this: if (strpos($ref, "gmail")){ header('Status: 302 Found'); header('Location: http://www.yolo.com'); } And if It doesn't work try to redirect a website that doesn't use SSL OR/AND try this: https://forums.hak5.org/index.php?/topic/32982-dnsspoof-doesnt-redirect/?p=246490
  7. Try to clean the browser cache of the victim machine and try again. Some times happens to me when the SSL connection is already stablished before I start dnsspoof. Good luck~
  8. This happens to me some times... It tells me that there are not networks but I just click again and again and again then I would get the networks, tho this is weird to happen I normally don't have problems with that. And yeah it has happen to me in all browsers, so it's not a browser issue. Oh another think, are you using the original antennas? Because I got this error once, I plug an antenna (female) into my pineapple that its also female and of course I would never pick up signal cuz the antenna was never really contacted I figure out the error the next day when I just picked up wifi signal from few meters around.
  9. With that budget I would recommend you to get the Mac Book Pro Retina. It's really worth it, but instead of choosing the 16 GB ram I would go for the 8 GB and then select the 2.8GHz Dual-core Intel Core i7. And you can install windows 8 with bootcamp. Oh but maybe you would like to wait until the MacBook Pro 2014 come out idk good luck with your decision!
  10. Sup skillsmw, I'm also new on this forum. I also had being having lot of fun with my new pineapple I got it 3 days ago well I got something even funnier, my neighbor is married or at least a woman live in that house and he watch gay porn 0110100001100001011101100110010100100000011001100111010101101110 ! With your new pineapple -GnomeProgramming
  11. Hello guys, I'm having big trouble with Strip-n-inject... If I install the infusion on my internal storage then the Infusion won't run, and If I install it on the SD then the infusion will run but it won't let me get into my pineapple GUI. But if I kill this process from SSH: 9261 root 14720 S python sslstrip.py -s -k -f -w /sd/tmp/proxy_inject. or (from top) 9261 1 root S 14756 24% 0% python sslstrip.py -s -k -f -w /sd/tm Then this process will come up: 9545 9542 root S N 14728 24% 3% python /usr/bin/sslstrip 0.9 by Moxie Strip-n-inject say it's running but it won't work at all. If someone can help me would be awesome, thx guys. UPDATE: The Infusion works well it inject code If I install it in to the SD, but I can't access my Pineapple via UI (From the browser) It got frizzed and It won't work until I kill the process that I quote before. UPDATE 2: Now I got it working and I found the error, I guess the infusion doesn't run the script in background. Cuz if I run it manually (in background) it work and doesn't freeze the UI: ./start.sh & I hope the dev can fix this, awesome job btw keep it up! UPDATE 3: I just edit the this file "/sd/infusions/strip-n-inject/includes/actions.php", here it's my edit if someone need it, It works like a charm now! <?php require("/pineapple/components/infusions/strip-n-inject/handler.php"); global $directory, $rel_dir; require($directory."includes/vars.php"); if (isset($_GET['codeinject'])) { if (isset($_GET['start'])) { shell_exec("/sd/infusions/strip-n-inject/includes/start.sh > /dev/null &"); } if (isset($_GET['stop'])) { shell_exec("/sd/infusions/strip-n-inject/includes/stop.sh"); } if (isset($_GET['install'])) { exec("chmod +x ".$directory."includes/install.sh"); exec("bash ".$directory."includes/install.sh | at now"); } }
  12. Yep, I already try that. UPDATE: Now I install it on the sd but when I start strip-n-inject then everything crashes...
  13. Hello, I'm trying to make strip-n-inject work. When I click start it doesn't start... To make it start I need to run sslstrip and then strip-n-inject will run automatly but even there it won't inject any code. I already try on many websites and check the source code and nothing was injected. I made it work running the sslstrip.py manually but I just made it work 2-3 times then idk how to make it work again... I just got the pineapple 2 days ago, but I already try to reboot and Factory Reset many times. I hope someone have the answer, thanks!
  14. Really no one have the solution? :( Well when I first got my pineapple (yesterday) I believe I had both cards at 30 tx-power, but after I restore my pineapple I got restricted and also I can't go higher than 18 tx-power. Really this needs to be fixed ASAP, it affects tremendously.
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