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  1. Great cuetion... +1 to it. But i think it´s going to be a "NO" to create DNS2Proxy they will need the pcap library and the pcap library it is not cross compiled for MIPs processors.
  2. Well done with the work but i have some cuestions... There will be suport for the Mark V when the NANO it´s out? Will be the mark V upgrated? What will make the difference between the Mark V and The NANO? Just the interface, une chipset and the 2 USB ? Anithing new with the software? Maybe an integration between the mark V and de Lan Turttle? I´m a little worry about mark V with this "second version" and the lan turttle as it is....
  3. Hey great work... i´m learning a lot with this post... Sorry I can´t help with this but let me think laught... It would be helpfull to set a cron to run it form a script (where you can check if the service it´s started)?I´m not sure if i´m saying something very stupid but i´m just thinking laught..
  4. Sameproblem with the module.... RussDR, telod... Thanks for the workaround.. But module sould be fixed (and I´m sure that it will).
  5. Anyways I ordered from USA. I think it will be cheapper anyways (you can order it with the 8$ ship) Can´t wait to it XD.
  6. Press LIKE if you like...

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