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  1. Great cuetion... +1 to it. But i think it´s going to be a "NO" to create DNS2Proxy they will need the pcap library and the pcap library it is not cross compiled for MIPs processors.
  2. Well done with the work but i have some cuestions... There will be suport for the Mark V when the NANO it´s out? Will be the mark V upgrated? What will make the difference between the Mark V and The NANO? Just the interface, une chipset and the 2 USB ? Anithing new with the software? Maybe an integration between the mark V and de Lan Turttle? I´m a little worry about mark V with this "second version" and the lan turttle as it is....
  3. If it´s a Mark VI i hope it has something better than the MIPS inside so there will be no limitations with the scapy and pcapy libraries in python... If it´s a new version of the Mark V, (as hak5 has said before in some old posts) I hope it will be 100% compatible with the Mark V v1 It could be an TLS adapter to (that would be great).
  4. hmmm are you sure that you are using the right SD card? How can the ducky run and script that it isn´t on the SD card?!?!
  5. sorry i can´t help you with this... I´ll ask my contacts to see if it´s posible to get it done.
  6. Ok... So let´s make the final layouts so we can send it to the git repository so every body has them... (Yo soy Jaime XD)
  7. Hey great work... i´m learning a lot with this post... Sorry I can´t help with this but let me think laught... It would be helpfull to set a cron to run it form a script (where you can check if the service it´s started)?I´m not sure if i´m saying something very stupid but i´m just thinking laught..
  8. Well it´s true that you can not set the Txpower of the wlan0 in more than the 18dBm...and i wonder why too. Does make sence to use the "long Range WIFI Booster Kit"? or it will be useless doe to the limitation?
  9. Sameproblem with the module.... RussDR, telod... Thanks for the workaround.. But module sould be fixed (and I´m sure that it will).
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